Radhe Box Office: Salman Khan Stirrer collects Rs.93,500 in 2 weeks at Indian cinema: Bollywood box office

Salman Khan’s stirrer, Radhe – Your Most Wanted Buy, Released on May 13th on the pay-per-view platform ZeePlex, and also in cinemas. In India, the second wave of Covid-19 released action entertainers only in Tripura in the first week. This was also done in just three cinemas. Bollywood Hungama In the first week, we exclusively reported on the collection of films from these three theaters. This is equivalent to Rs. 63,248.

last Friday, Radhe – Your Most Wanted Buy It was released at two theaters in Maharashtra, the Enjoy Drive-in Cinema in Malegaon and the Kimbasara Cineplex (formerly Apsara Cinema) in Aurangabad. Bollywood Hungama also had access to the collections of these two cinemas.On Monday we reported the weekend collection Radhe – Your Most Wanted Buy It was Rs. 17,792. The movie is a month old, and the collection isn’t what you expected, as it’s already accessed by viewers on the internet. Still, some trade experts found it a feat that the movie was able to sell 216 tickets in three days.

As expected, the collection fell on weekdays.Due to low turnout on weekends, Khinvasara Cineplex played only two shows Radhe – Your Most Wanted Buy Monday to Thursday at 3:00 pm and 6:15 pm.

Enjoy Drive-in Cinema sold 13 tickets on Monday, 4 on Tuesday, and 7 on Wednesday. One show was canceled on Tuesday and one Wednesday each. As many as 15 tickets were sold at the two shows on Thursday, the final day of the movie at Enjoy Drive-in Cinema.

A trade expert told Bollywood Hungama:Radhe – Your Most Wanted Buy Collected around Rs. Monday 4,460 rupees Tuesday 2,986 rupees Wednesday and rupees 2,602. Thursday is 2,403. These are approximate values. The two-week collection is currently standing at Rs. 93, 491.

Enjoy drive-in cinema has been abolished Radhe – Your Most Wanted Buy Starting Friday, June 19th, Khinvasara Cineplex will continue to play two shows in the film. According to sources, the manufacturer plans to release the movie in other states once the theater is allowed to open.

Radhe An overview of India’s box office revenue at a glance

Week 1 (released in Agartala and Dharmanagar, Tripura)
First day [13 May] –Rs. 10,432
the 2nd day [14 May] –Rs. 22,518
Third day [15 May] -Rs. 13,485
Day 4 [16 May] -Rs. 13,485
Day 5 [17 May] -Rs. 1,155
Day 6 [18 May] –Rs. 1,155
Day 7 [19 May] -Rs. 509
8th day [20 May] -Rs. 509
Total – Rupee 63,248

Week 2 (released in Malegaun and Aurangabad, Maharashtra)
Day 9 [11 June] –Rs. 6,018
Day 10 [12 June] -Rs. 5,445
11th day [13 June] -Rs. 6,229
12th day [14 June] –Rs. 4,460
13th day [15 June] -Rs. 2,986
14th day [16 June] -Rs. 2,602
Day 15 [17 June] -Rs. 2,403
Total – Rupee 30,243

Total (until date) – Rs. 93,491

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Radhe Box Office: Salman Khan Stirrer collects Rs.93,500 in 2 weeks at Indian cinema: Bollywood box office

https://www.bollywoodhungama.com/news/box-office-special-features/radhe-box-office-salman-khan-starrer-collects-rs-93500-2-weeks-cinemas-india/ Radhe Box Office: Salman Khan Stirrer collects Rs.93,500 in 2 weeks at Indian cinema: Bollywood box office

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