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In a great exclusive release by The Athletic, Rafa Benitez shared his honest thoughts on his time as a manager of Newcastle United.

“Rapha the Gaffa” spoke in great respect to Newcastle fans, but critics of Mike Ashley and Newcastle fans had several choices.

Instead of copying the entire article, I chose five favorite citations from the article. This is a complete summary of how special he really is as a manager.

1 – Bewildered by Mike Ashley

“What is Mike Ashley looking for?”

“He’s a businessman who doesn’t think I really care about his team.

“”He wants to join the Premier League and wants to make a profit. Did it. Everything he expected, we did it.

“”We maintained the team, finished 10th and 13th, and created a structure to keep growing.“”

It’s no wonder he was so loved while he was in the club. He challenged Mike Ashley and wanted more than just surviving.

Mike Ashley is and always the number one public enemy on Tyneside. The way he kicked Benitez out of the club was the last straw for many. As the owner, he should have been excited by his will to win.

Unfortunately, only £ and Zero excite Mike Ashley. We never make progress under him.

2 – His plan to “build something” and give back to NUFC fans

“When I went to Newcastle, it was an opportunity to maintain a big club in the Premier League and try to build something out of it.”

“”Some criticize the fans and say, “Oh, I want too much.” No. They just want to be at the level they deserve. Behind you is the entire city. And we were with them and the players were with them. “

That verb. Build. That’s what Benitez wanted to do in Newcastle and to make us a great club again. Under Steve Bruce, our purpose is to survive. We can do a lot more.

Much has been done from the expectations of Newcastle fans over the past few weeks. Experts such as Robbie Savage and Chris Sutton are trying to tell us that we shouldn’t expect more than we already have and should be happy with many of us. But not Rafa, he understood. He understood what the city deserves and what we have achieved in the last two decades. He wanted to regain his glorious days.

3 – Why did he have to leave under Ashley knowing that he had “no hope”?

“I had no other choice (but left)

“At the last meeting, I was convinced that there was no investment in the academy or training ground.

“It turns out that we have no hope of progress or improvement. They didn’t want to invest.

“They didn’t want to have a project and didn’t want to take advantage of the club’s potential. It just stayed there (in the Premier League).

“At that point, they knew 100% that I wouldn’t stay.

“I told them I was cleaning my office.

“They were playing the game at the end. If you just stay there, you can understand it.

“But you have to tell me before and you don’t play the game. That’s it.”

It’s a terrible comment, but it helps to understand his sad exit last summer. Yes, he set out for China, but he didn’t want to stay under an owner who wasn’t interested in guiding us and funding other than the fight for survival.

4 – The bond between him and his fans – “You are fighting for them”

“In the movie (” We Are The Geordies “), the fan’s point of view, how they love you, how they value what you’re trying to do, and what we feel at this point. Also, I see it from the feeling that you are fighting. For them. “

It’s actually pretty hard to read. Especially when thinking about how you lost in the last two games. Lack of emotion in performance, it could have been very different.

It was always during his reign. There was a team that fought to the end. However, Rafa Benitez himself was fighting a defeat in Newcastle. He has no choice but to leave.

You can only look back on his time at the club and smile at your memories. Because now, thanks to Mike Ashley, that’s it.

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Rafa Benitez reveals the truth behind Toon’s exit and reveals Mike Ashley to NUFC fans with a new message | NUFC Blog Rafa Benitez reveals the truth behind Toon’s exit and reveals Mike Ashley to NUFC fans with a new message | NUFC Blog

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