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In early 2005, 18-year-old Rafael Nadal was ranked just outside the top 50, suffering from injuries from the previous season and decided to maximize his potential in the coming months. After reaching the fourth round of the Australian Open, a teenager conquered Costa Dosauipe and Acapulco in February with his beloved clay.

Rafa skipped Indian Wells and gathered energy for Miami. In Miami, he lost to Roger Federer in a tight final two points away from the victory. On April 4, Nadal used the boost to conquer Monte Carlo, Barcelona, ​​Rome and Roland Garros, gaining major glory and making it into the Top 20 for the first time.

The young man became Roger Federer’s closest rival, improving his game on hard courts and grass and settling in the top two. Nadal never left the top 20 group after defeating it in April 2005. Accepting an incredible streak, he has been the third player for 800 consecutive weeks since 1973, following Jimmy Connors and Roger Federer.

In fact, Nadal hasn’t left the top 10 since the end of April 2005, overcoming all the setbacks injured, especially in 2015 and 2016, and staying competitive for 15 years. Nadal regained power in 2017, returning to the top two following the first Roland Garros victory since 2014, staying there and accepting a record-breaking end-of-2012 top two finish, end of 2020. I have collected many ranking records.

Rafael Nadal is the third player in the Top 20 for 800 consecutive weeks.

Nadal catches Jimmy Connors in second place as he stays in the Top 20 for another 14 months. Famous Americans have been in the Top 20 860 times in a row between 1973 and 1990.

Nadal kicked off the 2020 season from the ATP throne, leading Spain to the ATP Cup final and losing to Novak Djokovic to become the best in the world. 2 Following the defeat of the Australian Open quarterfinals against Dominic Thiem. The Spaniards won the 85th ATP title in Acapulco at the end of February and spent the next six and a half months at home after the coronavirus outbreak.

Rafa, who returned to Rome in September, lost the title after losing to Diego Schwartzman in the quarterfinals and headed for Roland Garros, who had three games in seven months. Showing his splendor, Rafa conquered the 13th crown in Paris, defeated all seven rivals in a straight set, and joined Roger Federer in 20 major titles.

Rafa was good enough to save the season, but wanted to test his skills during the indoor swings in the Paris Masters and ATP Finals. The Spaniards lost to their younger opponents Alexander Zverev and Daniil Medvedev in the semi-finals at both events, finishing the season with two ATP titles and preparing further in 2021.

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Rafael Nadal follows Roger Federer and Jimmy Connors at the rake milestone Rafael Nadal follows Roger Federer and Jimmy Connors at the rake milestone

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