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Former world leader Rafael Nadal won the tour as he and his partner Jaume Munar won a doubles match at the Melbourne Somerset on Tuesday. Nadal, who played the last tournament of the 2021 season in early August, toured on Tuesday for the first time in five months.

Nadal and Munal defeated Sebastian Baez and Thomas Echevally 6-3 3-6 10-4 in Melbourne’s doubles opener. Nadal and Munal claimed the first break in the match in Game 6 and then regularly held the rest of the set to win the opener.

After losing the first set, Baez and Etcheverry started the second set with a break and served the rest of the set to force the decision-maker. In the decision-making, Nadal and Munal led 6-4, winning four points in a row and winning three sets.

Nadal preparing for the Australian Open

“At the moment, Djokovic is fine and healthy, but I [also] I think Rafael Nadal has a chance to win the Australian Open. “

Nadal has escaped from a long injury layoff, but former world No. 2 Alex Corretha claims that a champion like Nadal cannot be ruled out. “Rafa retires as a winner no matter what happens. He has to evaluate how he wants to deal with what he has left, regardless of the previous situation, but as Rafa you are always him. His room for doing something great that he still feels has a bullet.

You can’t doubt special people like him. I believe there are still great titles to celebrate with him, even if he comes from a very long injury and the process he will have now becomes difficult. Great title I mean Grand Slam. Master 1,000 is more or less the same. It will be quite difficult to be number one. ”

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Rafael Nadal wins doubles opener at Jaume Munar Rafael Nadal wins doubles opener at Jaume Munar

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