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The Las Vegas Raiders have been largely eliminated from the playoffs for the 16th week match against the Miami Dolphins.

Following the 6-3 start, the Raiders suffered a major collapse in the second half of the 2020 NFL season for the second consecutive year. To make matters worse, they were hit hard after quarterback Derek Carr missed his second drive, losing to the Los Angeles Chargers 30-27 due to an inguinal injury.

Jon Gruden was initially optimistic that the groin injury wasn’t too serious, but showed that Carr would be absent for some time. Anyway, he seems to be doing everything he can to come back and finish these last two games.

Gruden praised Car’s competitiveness, but said the Raiders would do the best for both him and the team at this time. ESPN’s Paul Gutierrez:

Kerr added some reassurance regarding his status in the 16th week:

It’s not surprising that Carr’s efforts to return to the last two games of the season are not surprising given how he was so obsessed with sending a message and setting an example for the season. Unfortunately, Gruden still has his future, given that the team’s playoff chances are only 1%.

After all, the Raiders have a solid emergency response plan at Backup Marcus Mariota. He performed solidly after a 226-yard throw, touchdown, and interception, completing more than 60% of the throws, completing 88 yards and a 9.8-yard touchdown per carry, against the Chargers. I took over the car.

Mariota has the opportunity to offer Las Vegas some value as the league’s most expensive backup. This, coupled with the fact that it is likely that the team will take a week to be officially removed from the postseason, has little reason for Gruden to risk the car further exacerbating the injury.

Ultimately, Kerr will do whatever he can to be on the field, which was apparent on Wednesday when he was actually a full participant.

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Raiders Injury News: Jon Gruden Provides Derek Carr Updates Raiders Injury News: Jon Gruden Provides Derek Carr Updates

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