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Since making the Super Bowl in 2002, the Las Vegas Raiders (formerly Auckland) have won only one of the 18 seasons. On Sunday, we aim to reach the .500 mark for the third time, even though we have no chance to advance to the postseason.

So what can you expect from the Raiders? This is clearly a draft, as both quarterback Derek Carr and head coach Jon Gruden are undoubtedly deeply interested in improving last season’s record as a sign of some hope. Not a team worried about picks. (And because of its value, if they win and Arizona Cardinals lose, the worst thing they can do is fall from pick 16 to pick 17, but the loss is theoretically number 15. You can only vault up to).

Raiders Tap is a second game with Denver Broncos. Denver Broncos found that Raiders was on the other side of the best day of the year. The Raiders won the game at home 37-12 in the 10th week, behind 203 rushyards, four Drew Lock intercepts, and Daisian Hamilton’s fumble.

5 observations

1) Entering this, Broncos is 5-10, losing 4 of the last 5 and having a -61 point difference in that stretch. It may seem like he rarely plays, but given the season’s catastrophes he experienced (14 touchdowns, 15 intercepts, 57% completion rate), Rock was his job. I think I’m playing for that.

2) One of the notable and interesting matches is the Raiders Offense and Bronco Defense in the Red Zone. During the season, Broncos has the lowest percentage of touchdowns (47.46%), Las Vegas is 25th in attacks, converting just 54.39% of red zone trips to touchdowns. This week there was a chat between beatwriters using Marcus Mariota in the Red Zone to mix things up, and I’m curious if that’s possible.

3) Since rushing 203 yards against Denver in mid-November, the Raiders raid has almost disappeared. Thanks to 104 yards against Miami last week and Mariota’s 88 yards against the Los Angeles Chargers, he has exceeded 100 yards twice in six games (90 yards running back in this game). Can they get things back on track against the league’s 26th Rand Defense?

4) Being inherently proud of the Raiders line as a team, the car can reach a fairly important career high. If he throws 323 yards, he will set a new career-the best in passing yards-passing last year’s 4,054 mark. He is also at a pace of setting career bests in both passer rating and QBR, and three touchdowns will lead to the second most touchdown in his career.

5) Speaking of milestones … Josh Jacobs is just 24 yards below 1,000 yards this season (and 175 yards away from his total since last season), but Nelson Agroll is in his career. It’s less than 161 yards to reach 1,000 yards for the first time. He is also one-touch down from setting new personal vests in that category. But a big person to note is Darren Waller. Darren Waller is seven catches away from breaking Tim Brown’s 1997 single-season franchise record of 104 (he’s also 66 yards away from his new personal best receive yard. Masu).

Two predictions

1) Raiders at some point Have You’re just forcing Henry Laggs III to tell the story so far this season, right? How well Justin Jefferson, CeeDee Lamb, Chase Claypool and others played, the Raiders need to justify choosing a rug over anyone else at some point. In an essentially meaningless game, you can point to everything in the off-season and convince people who have done the right thing.

Prediction: I think Laggs will set the best of the season on Sunday with at least 6 targets. Get 5 catches and touchdowns at 110 yards.

2) Week 17 is a disaster to bet on, given that there are no clues as to which teams care and which teams don’t.That said, I’m pretty confident in the Raiders Do Be careful, I like them with this. I think the defense has improved last week except for a few individual failures. Given how bad rock is, I think the momentum is continuing.

Raiders 31, Broncos 17

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Raiders Preview: Derek Carr and Company Aims for .500 Season Finale Against Broncos Raiders Preview: Derek Carr and Company Aims for .500 Season Finale Against Broncos

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