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With 1:50 left, the Las Vegas Raiders caught up with the Miami Dolphins one by one in the 16th week, and Josh Jacobs made the decision. It was the second down and the dolphin dared to record a touchdown to him. This is a score that increases by at least 5, perhaps 7 if the Raiders convert a 2-point try.

Instead, Jacobs fell.

Now that the clock is 45 seconds less, the Raiders had a chance to get the dolphin out of the time-out and score above the field goal to extend the lead.

Instead, they chose to kneel.

With 19 seconds left, Daniel Carlson (who missed an additional point) knocked out a 22-yard field goal and raised the Raiders by two points.

Eighteen seconds later, the Raiders were losing again — the season was officially over (although it was all decided the previous week). Dolphins and Ryan Fitzpatrick, who took over Tuatago Viroa in the second half of the fourth, made it easy because they had to go 40 yards in 19 seconds without a time-out. Their first play on the drive was 34 yards down the sideline, helped by a failure to cover rookie Damon Arnett and an unthinkable face mask penalty for third-year pass rusher Arden Key. ..

In fact, Dolphins wasted time and chose to throw the ball on the next pass. The kicker Jason Sanders then easily defeated a 44-yard field goal to win the team.

Derek Carr was one of the most difficult losses he’s ever suffered and was able to blame him for the game he played before seeing his defense disappoint him again. Told.

When it comes to the decision to kick a field goal and not score a touchdown, start by admitting that neither decision is bad. Increase 5 or 7 with 1 minute remaining, or increase 2 with 19 seconds remaining. Neither is the situation you would expect to lose. That said, I’m convinced that the routes they took were more risky.

The Raiders defense was as bad as the all-season, but it actually worked pretty well on Saturday. Despite losing two of the three best linebackers, two of the three best safety, and one of the best defensive linemen, Raider Defense has five punts (in the second half). Forcibly (including 3 times in a row) and field goal the other 3 red zone drives.

In fact, the second of the two allowed touchdown drives (raising the dolphin to 23-22, 2:55 remaining) was a 59-yard touchdown due to a checkdown pass and a surprisingly bad tackle. ..

My argument for recording touchdowns and leaving a little time on the watch is based on the fact that the Raiders defense did a surprisingly good job of keeping the opposing team away from the end zone when faced with a short field. , I say all this.The only way they would lose by recording a touchdown was if Miami marched down the field. And I typed it into the end zone.. And that would put them in a situation to end the regulation, as they assume they wouldn’t divert the two-point attempt. at the worst case..

Raising these odds against Miami winning 40 yards and sending out one of the better kickers in the league makes me lean towards the former.

Aggressive MVPs: Darren Waller and Nelson Agroll

Waller knows he has stunning numbers this season, but Saturday night seemed to be his most Dominant.. Every time the car threw it into the right sideline, Waller brought it regardless of the press surrounding him. He finished with 5 catches (with 6 targets) at 112 yards.

Meanwhile, Agroll made five catches (with six targets) and a touchdown at 155 yards. This is an 85-yard player who was the best play of the car game. After shifting down the field during a broken play, Agroll made a great catch and escaped from everyone for a go-ahead touchdown.

Defensive MVP: Rod Marineri?

The team lost three sack, seven and a half tackles and ended the night with six quarterback hits. It wasn’t a perfect night, but even if the units were exhausted, they felt more competitive and above all. I think this unit would awaken to a dramatically different story without Arnett’s blunder at the end of the game and a truly vicious commitment to Gaskins’ big touchdown run.

This doesn’t mean Marinelli deserves a full-time job, but at least the Raiders see a hint that their talent may not have been the biggest issue.

Random muse

  • The Raiders failed to score on one of many issues this season, the opening drive for the fifth straight week. This year we have 7 punts, 2 turnovers, 1 field goal failure, 2 field goals and 3 touchdowns on the opening drive.
  • The most ridiculous stats from Saturday was the fact that the Raiders were 0/10 in the third down. How to do it and stay competitive is beyond me, but there are plenty of opportunities for attacks to extend the lead or keep the game out of reach, and they simply do so. I couldn’t.
  • One of the most frustrating moments in the game, which is often overlooked because of how the game ends, was what the Raiders did at the end of the first half. They won the ball at 1:45 on the clock, won the first down three times in a row, and then the second two plays in the fourth. With 29 seconds left, the Raiders were in Miami 21 with one time-out left. The next play was a strange one-yard run call to Jalen Richard, forcing him to burn the last time-out — and with the third down (the first down was a spike to stop the clock). I left 9. After an incomplete pass, the once promising drive ended with a short field goal.
  • The least dangerous pass catcher on the Raiders roster (probably in the league?) Is Jason Witten. He finished the game with five targets more than anyone except Waller, Agroll and Hunter Renflow. I would like to know why Gruden is obsessed with Witten when Gruden’s backup (Foster Morrow) has become dramatically more dynamic.
  • The Raiders’ inability to record touchdowns in the Red Zone remained a problem on Sunday. After jumping over the pile in a car jump and scoring on the first trip, the Raiders settled in the field goal two more times (not including the last drive when they didn’t intentionally score). .. Of the five of those drives, the Raiders attack had the following consequences: incomplete, incomplete, incomplete, and 3 yards complete. Their touchdown drive? Run twice.

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Raiders Rewind: Broken Heart in Las Vegas, Losing to Dolphins in Last Seconds and Ending Playoff Hope Raiders Rewind: Broken Heart in Las Vegas, Losing to Dolphins in Last Seconds and Ending Playoff Hope

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