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Kimi Raikkonen He announced his retirement prior to the Dutch Grand Prix, but was unable to start the race after receiving a positive Covid-19 test.

However, he will return to the championship in the next round in Russia, with the first race, which should be the last eight races of his career.

The driver’s former teammates and rivals paid tribute to the achievements of the 2007 World Champion and 21st Grand Prix winner. Circuit of the Americas In 2018.

Raikkonen joined F1 in 2001 shortly after his current rival was born.After hitting Lewis Hamilton Fernando Alonso won the World Drivers title in 2007 and spent another two years at Ferrari before leaving F1 at the end of 2009.

After a rally spell and a short stay at NASCAR, Raikkonen returned to F1 with Lotus in 2012. After winning the team twice, he reunited with Ferrari in a long stint of five years. He later joined Alfa Romeo and became the most experienced driver in F1 history. His name is 341 records.

After Raikkonen announced his retirement plan, his current rival driver looked back on his influence on his career and his reputation both inside and outside the truck.

Sebastian Vettel

“Long and wonderful career” – Vettel

Raikkonen’s teammates at Ferrari from 2015 to 2018

“I wish him all the success. I think he’s been around for a long time and has an incredible talent, so it’s impressive to see it in person for several years as a teammate. was.

“It’s just the speed he has from the beginning, the different conditions, the ability to get used to different cars. He definitely has won his position and has clearly had a long and wonderful career.”

Fernando Alonso

Raikkonen’s championship rival and teammate at Ferrari 2014

“Obviously he was, so we miss him. [in F1] For years we had a great fight. In the past, there were more competitive cars, fighting for championships, podiums and more.

“There are always 20 drivers in F1 and we go up and down in turn and sometimes we are no longer in the sport. Probably his decision. I think he [had] It was a great career, but he enjoyed his time here. And certainly, I hope he will do his best for the future. “

Lewis Hamilton

“I’m always in your car” – Hamilton

McLaren Junior Driver while Raikkonen is driving for the team

“He has an incredibly long career. He’s been here for a long time. He has a family and he already has something he’s looking forward to having fun beyond. But I just admire his willingness to continue racing apparently in his blood.

“Before I entered F1, I was a big fan of you, and I was always in your car when I played computer games, so I remember the crazy experience of racing with you and losing the championship. I miss him because I’m watching his wonderful fight. “

Antonio Giovinazzi

Alfa Romeo teammates from 2019

“I’ve known him since I joined Ferrari as the third driver in 2017. To be honest, we have a great relationship.

“I think you’re really fair on and off the track from my point of view. There was no politics and he was a great teammate. When I joined F1, he helped me a lot to become a teammate. I learned a lot from him, especially in racing, he’s still really, really strong and has a passion for sports. Years later, he’s still really motivated. I have.

“So, yeah, he’s a really nice guy, and certainly Formula 1 will miss him.”

Valtteri Bottas

“He influenced me when he was young” – Bottas

“As he said, nothing lasts forever, and in the end there’s always time for something new, and I think he had an impressive and long career in Formula 1.

“But sure, he influenced me when he was young. When he started Formula 1, I was following him closely. When he won the world championships, I I was following his season, when I was doing my first season in Formula Renault with a single seater when he won his title at Ferrari.

“He’s obviously a big Finnish star. He’s a little legend, so it’s always been a lot of fun to see him.

“It’s good to race with him. He’s one of the drivers and he’s very comfortable when racing with him and he never moves from wheel to wheel. He’s always you or his I have paid good respect to the competition, as I like to race. “

Mick Schumacher

“When I heard the news, I was obviously very sad because I was looking forward to driving on the same grid as him for another year.

“But I think he has a family. He probably wants to see something other than F1. That’s understandable over the years. But definitely sad.

“We really stayed in the same room for a while in St. Petersburg, where the FIA ​​Gala was, and I remember when we all had a great time. So definitely we have those moments. You will miss it. “

Sergio Perez

“I think you’ve had a great career. I remember respecting him in the very early days of the fight against Fernando.

“I think he can be very proud of what he has achieved in sports. He certainly enjoys his time in sports in his own way. You are a very unique character and very unique. I wish he was the best in his next chapter of life and all the happiness he deserves.

Daniel Ricciardo

Kimi Raikkonen, Daniel Ricciardo, Red Bull Ring, 2018
“It was impressive to win the race after the comeback” – Ricardo

“All the reactions when someone retires-in a sense, or when you’re happy with them because they made a decision, he’s obviously peaceful with it, and he’s the other in his life. I’m ready to do that, so I’m glad he has the next chapter.

“Looking back at his career, I remember he was young and fast when I was a fan of growing sports. That was the image. And jumping into the car, with its raw speed [he] He also made a very successful comeback after two years away. So it was impressive to win the race after the comeback.

“I know he has a family and things, so I’m glad he’ll probably be more dad in the future and probably spend a little more time at home.

Esteban Ocon

The sad news. Of course, it lacks the F1 character and one great driver who has made a big mark on the sport.

I don’t talk much to you and I don’t talk to anyone, but obviously I miss him and the fight with him was great. And he is a great driver. I hope he will do his best for his future.

Lando Norris

“He’s been one of the creators of Formula 1 today for years, so I miss him.

“He’s obviously not a big speaker, so you won’t miss how much he says, but in a way he does more for the opposite reason, so he has a lot of personality. I think he will miss a lot of people because he doesn’t have too many personalities at the same time and therefore many people love him.

“Still one of the best drivers in F1 and he did more than many drivers on the grid right now. Oh yeah, one day I want to emulate him in a way. I am. “

George Russell

“When I first talked to you, at the 2018 FIA Gala, he twisted my nipples and ended the conversation. He’s unique. [I have] He pays great respect to everything he has achieved on the track and off-circuit.

“He’s a little legend, and I’m sure he’ll be missed. No one is like him.”

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Raikkonen’s rivals pay tribute to retired champion Race Fans Raikkonen’s rivals pay tribute to retired champion Race Fans

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