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Rail freight service from new Waterford to Ballina launched

When the new XPO Logistics Rail Freight Service was launched at Waterford Bellevueport last week, Transport Minister Amon Ryan said the new rail service was launched. “”A climate-friendly option that connects companies from the west to the southeast of the country and beyond to the export market.

A very positive event, the service can switch more than 5,000 trucks a year from road to rail, reduce traffic congestion on roads and middle towns, and reduce emissions per unit by about 75%. It shows that there is a possibility that it can be done. Initially, there is a weekly return service between the rail-connected Bellevue Container Handling Terminal and the Ballina Rail Freight Yard in Mayo. In the near future, it is expected to build a return service for this up to twice a week. The new service was originally scheduled to go live in June, but was postponed until September 29th.

Eamon Ryan TD, Greens leader and Minister of Transport, is keen to reduce carbon dioxide emissions in Ireland. He said: “”How to connect communities and businesses is very important to halve emissions by 2030. Railroads and other sustainable solutions will play an important role on the road to zero emissions by 2050. This new freight service offers: A climate-friendly option that connects western, southeastern, and subsequent businesses to the export market. “

Comments on Investment and Initiatives Dan Myers, Managing XPO Logistics Director England & Ireland, “Climate change is a global challenge. Solutions require coordinated efforts, coordinated action and cooperation. XPO offers services such as rail freight booking, container drag trucking, and cross-docking. The joint end-to-end service with Irish Railways to provide is a double victory. Our customers have new, environmentally friendly transportation options and as the supply chain becomes more environmentally friendly I Our Earth wins. This is another step in our collective journey to a carbon-neutral future. “

Frank Ronan, CEO of Waterford Harbor, added: “”Waterford Port welcomes the reintroduction of rail freight services to Bellevue Port. These trains, which carry container freight, work very effectively with the port’s Lo-Lo transportation services to provide companies in the west / northwest of Ireland with attractive logistics solutions to and from mainland Europe.

In addition to the excellent carbon emission reductions achieved with this cargo, the reduction of road and port congestion in Dublin makes this a very valuable initiative. We hope XPO Logistics will succeed in this venture and look forward to working with them. “

IarnródÉireann is currently finalizing a new national rail freight strategy, aiming to identify growth and investment opportunities and expand its national rail freight business. In April, the company bid on a consultant to prepare specifications for up to 300 new rail container wagons. Jim Mead, CEO of Iarnród Railways, said: “”We are currently finalizing a very ambitious strategic plan for the growth of rail freight between major locations across the country. This announcement by XPO and Waterford Port presents a viable and viable opportunity that not only supports the industry and logistics sector, but is also in full agreement with the country’s climate action plan. “

Today, the cargo yard at Mayo’s Barina Inland Port is Ireland’s many hubs.■ Rail freight, the third customer XPO Logistics chose to operate from the site.The other is Coillte transportationPulpwood to Waterford and IWT by container train to Dublin Port. NS The Minister of Transport hopes that rail connections to Foynes Port at the mouth of Shannon will be reopened and is currently under consideration for feasibility. Tim Castellton

Rail freight service from new Waterford to Ballina launched Rail freight service from new Waterford to Ballina launched

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