Railway Empire: Nintendo Switch Edition Wins New DLC

Kalypso Media has announced that Railway Empire: Nintendo Switch Edition players will be able to get the new DLC. Northern Europe and Downunder extensions have been added to the roster and can be purchased as separate DLC.

Here’s an overview of what’s included:

At the Northern Europe DLC, players help the Swedish parliament build a new railway and cover a wide area of ​​the country along the lakes and vast rivers first used by freighters to supply goods and supplies to Northern Europe. The industry continues to advance. Downunder DLC takes your beloved Rail Tycoon Sim to the tanned plains of Australia’s hinterland, where players explore New South Wales, Queensland, South Australia, Victoria, beer and grilled seafood.

Northern Europe DLC

– New scenario: hibernate (1853-1870)
– Map expansion: “Northern Europe” (available in free game mode and sandbox mode)
– Three historic engines: Odin (2-2-2), Prince Augustus (2-4-0), SJB II (4-6-0)
– 10 new tradable commodities (eg crispbread and brown cheese) and 30 new cities
– “Concession” feature: The map is divided into sections. Buy concessions to access the site of the new building (also available with a complete map of North America)
– Snow: Enhanced weather system for all northern regions in the game
– New regional soundtrack

Down under DLC

– New scenario: “Pioneering Spirit” (1830-1930)
– Map expansion: “Down Under” (available in free game mode and sandbox mode)
– Explore new territories: New South Wales, Queensland, South Australia, Victoria
– Three new historic engines: Heissler (0-8-0). C30 (4-6-0) and class S (4-6-2)
– New products to trade: seafood, Rail-O-Mite, canned beer
– 52 new cities to discover
– New music, redesigned city buildings, unique mission structures (Sydney Harbor Bridge, etc.)
– Unique “payment” feature for pre-determined locations
– More freedom to establish new cities and personalize the economic system

Players can also purchase other additional content such as German DLC, French DLC, UK & Ireland DLC.

Source: Kalypso PR

Railway Empire: Nintendo Switch Edition gains new DLC

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