Rainbow Six Siege Best Operator

First, the 52 or so operators available in Rainbow Six Siege understand that they fall into two categories, attackers and defenders, and work well with the various purpose-based modes offered by Ubisoft’s tactical shooters. Is important.

Rainbow Six Siege-The Best Operator for Attackers


Hibana, a tremendous attacker and favorite of many Rainbow Six Siege players, assumes that Hibana’s greatest strength is to violate and do it better than any other operator in the game.

Backed by her gadget X-KAIROS, Hibana has three shots to pierce the reinforced surface to allow her to crawl and bounce. More than that, if Hibana chooses to save all three shots, she can use them to pierce the surface and create one huge entry point for other members of the team to stack. I will.

Beyond the adoption of X-KAIROS, Hibana not only boasts a highly accurate gun with a Type 89F assault rifle, but also a 3-speed rank operator that can put pressure on the defender with a ferocious poison across the map. But there is also.


Even among his top buddies, Buck is a highly capable attacker with a unique expertise. Back is all about punching holes above and below him, and he’s really good at it and has become one of the best vertical attackers in the whole game.

Apart from the possibility of piercing the ceiling and floor, the back came to dance with the best combination of firepower. His skeleton key shotgun kills something unfortunate enough to be at close range, but his C8-SFW assault rifle covers long range damage dealing with aproms.

Rainbow Six Siege-The Best Operator for Defenders


With more choices for expert players, Echo’s Yokai Drone will be one of the most destructive operators in Rainbow Six Siege. Very difficult to destroy (mostly because it’s covered invisible), youkai drones are great for stopping enemies while attacking with a timely blast.

Even better, Echo is now able to deploy two youkai drones. Combined with a murderously accurate MP5 submachine gun, ACOG assault trifle, and 3-point armor rating, this is an absolute task that anyone can overcome.


Like Echo, Bandit has some unique talents that make him an integral part of any team. The most important of these is the ability of the other team to destroy the deployed gadgets. Bandit can also create shockwires to destroy enemy drones.

In addition, Bandit also has a keen sense of hearing, allowing him to track when and where the assault took place, allowing the enemy team to disarmament in time before they understand what is happening. Introducing his fundamentally deadly MP7 submachine gun will determine the winner.

Rainbow Six Siege-The Best Operator for Beginners

Thatcher (attacker)

If you realize that you belong to the attacking team, you can’t mistake Thatcher. Thatcher’s EMP grenade not only disrupts enemy gadgets, but also spills effects from walls and surfaces. His M590A1 shotgun and L85A2 assault rifle, on the other hand, balance short-range and long-range damage, respectively.

Smoke (defender)

Smoke, on the other hand, should definitely be the first stop for newcomers to the Defender team. Equipped with his ferocious nitrocell and the terrifyingly powerful M590A1 shotgun that can prevent the invasion of enemy remote gas grenades, Smoke is an easy choice for beginners trying to start a defensive game with a bang.

Rainbow Six Siege – The Best Operators

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