Rainbow Six Siege developers explain (and fix) recoil bugs

Many Rainbow Six Siege players have complained about a strange series of recoil changes since Crimson Heist went live, but many others said these changes didn’t really happen. Insist. Ubisoft rested that part of the problem when the developers released a TTS patch to address the recoil, and the update hit the live server, so the studio finally explained what the problem was at first.

The developer describes the problem as follows: “When a player tries to correct it, the vertical recoil may stop / drop down.” This is not an exact explanation of the problem, but the community trying to understand why the recoil suddenly felt strange. At least more consistent than an attempt. Either way, it’s been fixed so don’t worry.

This patch also introduces the first round of streamer mode options and fixes annoying exploits that players may use to peek faster than they need to.

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