Rainbow Six Siege Next Generation Treatment Appears on December 1st

Ubisoft Announced Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X | S versions are available 1st December. These versions allow gameplay at 4K and up to 120fps, depending on the mode (performance or resolution) selected by the player. Players can upgrade versions on devices of the same family at no additional cost. * More than five years after its first release, launching on this next-generation console is an important step in our ongoing support. Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege..

Current players on PlayStation 4 or Xbox One can stay on track and upgrade their games on the same device family at no additional cost. Cross-generational play is also available within the same family of devices, allowing PlayStation 5 players to play against PlayStation 4 players and Xbox One players against Xbox Series X | S players. Cross-play between different families of consoles or between PCs and consoles is not currently supported.

Next-generation console players will be able to experience Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege It has some of the best graphics extensions the game hasn’t yet offered. These extensions offer multiple options for prioritizing either performance or resolution. Authorized players are equipped with compatible devices.

  • 4K resolution (PlayStation 5, Xbox series X) / 1080p (Xbox series S)
  • 120 fps (PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X)
  • DualSense wireless controller function for deeper immersion (PlayStation 5)
  • The activity supports the most popular playlists, allowing players to jump into the game quickly (PlayStation 5).

The following features are also implemented to enhance the next-generation experience on all platforms.

  • Improved accessibility (readability options, text-to-speech and voice-to-speech)
  • Quick Start (Optimized Login Flow, Streamlined Intro Sequence)
  • Ubisoft Connect overlay

This next-generation hardware offers the latest technology and features available, Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege We will continue to improve to take advantage of all the new opportunities offered by these new platforms.

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Rainbow Six Siege Next Gen Treatment Coming 1st December

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