Rainbow Six Siege Operations North Star Reveals Favela

Ubisoft has unveiled the name of Operation North Star, Rainbow Six Siege Year 6 Season 2. The operation title artwork suggests that the new operator will be a firefighter in the wilderness, and previous information indicates that Favela will be the map for this rework. Tomorrow will be the Revere Stream, during which the new operators and all other details about the season will be outlined.

Each operation in Rainbow Six Siege Year 6 adds a new operator and recreates the map. It also includes at least two Rainbow Six Arcade events, as well as the Apocalypse ending today. Operation Northstar is no exception, but at the time of writing, all new content details are still lacking.

Perhaps defender Thunderbird can deploy these “Kona Stations” to somehow heal nearby players. Many can be inferred from the operator icon representing the small medical cross on the device. R6leaks also shared a simple low-resolution clip of a working device, but it’s not very clear how it actually works. Based on its appearance and Siege’s recent achievements in gadgets, Kona seems very likely to heal anyone, friends or enemies standing nearby.

In any case, the new healing gadget is a big deal. Since its launch, Doc’s grumpy stimulating pistol has been the only way to heal defenses. At the time of the attack, Finca’s Nanoboost gives all teammates a temporary health surge at once, but the attacker still lacks the proper medicine.

The same credible leaker also suggests that Thunderbird can access the Spear .308 assault rifle as a defender. This is noteworthy. Assault rifles are usually reserved for attackers only for balancing, with some exceptions usually with some trade-offs with range or optics. A similar trade-off can be made with the Thunderbird version of Spear (although this should be done with a grain of salt as it is not actually seen in the leaked image).

As Ubisoft’s regular pre-season schedule reveals, we should expect to hear more about North Star next week.

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