Rainbow Six Siege PS5 and Xbox Series X and S will be updated next week • .net

Ubisoft has announced that a free next-generation update for Rainbow Six Siege will be released on December 1st.

These versions of the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X and S can play at 4K and up to 120fps, depending on the mode you play.

4K resolution is for PS5 and Xbox Series X, but Xbox Series S is 1080p. 120fps is available for both PS5 and Xbox Series X. As reported by , you need a full native port to enable 120fps on your PS5. It was created by Ubisoft for the Rainbow Six Siege.

If you dig into the details of the PS5 version and put the console into performance mode, Rainbow Six Siege will “target” 120fps with 4K dynamic resolution scaling. When popped in resolution mode, the game targets 60fps at 4K resolution.

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Elsewhere, Rainbow Six Siege leverages DualSense technology and PS5 activities for the most popular playlists (ranking, no ranking, newcomers, quick matches, events). According to Ubisoft, the next-generation console also features accessibility (readability options, text and voice reading), quickstarts (optimized login flow, streamlined intro sequence), and Ubisoft Connect overlays.

PlayStation 4 and Xbox One players can stay on track and upgrade for free on devices of the same family. Cross-generation play is available within the same device family. This means that the PS5 player can play the PS4 player again, and the Xbox One player can play against the Xbox Series X and S players. However, cross-play between PlayStation and Xbox is not currently supported.

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