Rainbow Six Siege Thunderbirds – Everything We Know

Want to know more about the latest Rainbow Six Siege Operator, Thunderbird? Operation North Star is just around the corner, and it will bring some pretty big changes. The most important change in all new updates is all new operators joining the roster of both attackers and defenders, and this update is no exception.

Mina “Thunderbird” Sky is the latest defender, her ability is a cross between Jaeger’s ADS and Doc’s stim shot, and a deployable healing station that fires healing darts at players wandering nearby. It’s a bit early to tell how powerful this is in Meta, but there are certainly early signs that she can overtake Doc as the best defender healer in the game.

We can see that the test server went live on May 25th and the release date of Rainbow Six Siege North Star is not too far away, but for now, from Thunderbird’s loadout options, we know about the new operator of Rainbow Six Siege. Here’s everything you need to keep, her stats, and all the quirks about Kona Station.

Rainbow Six Siege Thunderbird Statistics

Rainbow Six Siege Thunderbird Weapon Loadout

Thunderbirds can be selected from two different major weapons.She has access to Spear .308 assault rifle At NATO attractions, and SPAS15 shotgun.. She also has two sidearm options. Q929 Pistol Or Bearing 9 Machine pistol.

The best way to load out is to use the Spear .308AR, which does a striking amount of damage per shot, despite its fairly low rate of fire. For sidearms, Bearing 9 should be used. Bearing9 is currently one of the most killing times in the game, and this season’s recoil is also buffing.

Rainbow Six Siege Thunderbird Gadget

Thunderbird gadget selection Impact grenade Or Nitrocell.. Both of these are explosive gadgets and you probably need to discuss with your team to see which one is most beneficial.

Rainbow Six Siege Thunderbird Kona Station

Rainbow Six Siege Thunderbird Skills – Kona Station

Thunderbird’s skill is relatively similar to Doc’s Stim Pistol and can be recovered by firing a small burst at someone nearby. Kona Station is a deployable medkit that can be placed on the floor, and when it passes through that area, it restores 30 health points to the affected player. There are some quirks you should probably know before using her in a match:

  • Kona Station shoots the person closest to Kona Station if there are more than one person in the area.
  • If more than one person is within range and at the same distance from Kona Station, the player with the lowest health will get a health boost.
  • Kona Station can heal enemies.
  • It is possible to “overheal” at Kona Station, but excess health above the 100% mark will slowly drain over time.
  • After each shot, Kona Station goes into a cooldown. The icon indicates to the defender how long it will take for the Kona Station to be fully recharged.
  • The attacking player can see if the Kona Station is ready to recover if the kit emits a bright blue light.
  • Operators who are down but not out can use the Kona Station to self-revive.
  • It can be temporarily disabled thanks to Thatcher’s EMP.
  • Kona station can be reached by Thunderbird.

And that’s all we know about Rainbow Six Siege Thunderbirds. She looks like a pretty powerful defender thanks to the healing factor of the deployable healing station. When used in combination with other major defenders, it can make the effort of the attacking team to achieve their goals very difficult. Perhaps she’s in the top ranks of the best Rainbow Six Siege Operators? Time will tell.

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