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Real name:
Height: 5’8 inches
Weight: 134 lbs.
Date of Birth: June 10, 1992
Birthplace: Kansas City, Kansas
Residence: Chicago, Illinois
Pro debut: July 25, 2015
Trainer: Dynamo Pro Wrestling Dojo & Michael Elgin
Special Move: Unicutter


– Laynie is nicknamed Party Unicorn & Too Turnt. She is also known as Amber Lynn.
– On July 25, 2015, Rainey teamed up with Donnie Giovanni to debut and defeat Comrade Alikat & Sirovic at the TCW event.
– On September 12, Rainey competed for the RCW Angels Division title in a 3-way steel cage.
– On October 3, Rainey lost to Barbi Hayden in DWO In the Moody for a Fight 2.
– On October 17, Laynie lost to Baby Dumplins in the MPX High Anxiety VI.
– On November 7, Rainey lost to Nicky Knight in the IWR Teller Rising.
– On March 4, 2016, Rainey lost to Jessica James in VIPX Deathby Design.
– On April 17, Rainey competed three-way for the ACW American Joshi title.
– On May 15th, Rainey challenged Angel Blue with the title of ACW American Joshi.
– On June 26, Rainey lost to Claudia del Solis in the first round of the ACW 8th Annual Queen of Joshi Tournament.
– On July 24th, Rainey challenged Angel Blue with the ACW American Joshi title.
– On July 31, Rainey competed for the IHWE Queen of the Ring title in four ways.
– On August 14, Blondetourage (Laynie & Allie Kat) defeated Delilah Doom & Jessica James in Inspire Pro Forever.
– On August 28, Laynie competed for the ACW American Joshi Title 6-Way Elimination.
– On September 18, Rainey lost a match against Loser Leaves ACW’s Angel Blue in the ACW Evolution of the Revolution ’16.
– On April 21, Rainey lost to Amazing Maria in the first round of the CCW Women’s Tournament.
– On May 6, Laynie competed 5-Way at the Country Strong 2: A Lance Hoyt Benefit Show.
– On June 10th, Rainey lost to Allie Kat in NOVA Pro. Life is like a box of chocolates.
– On June 24, Amber lost to Marty Bell at the NWL KC.
– On July 14, Rainey defeated Lucy Mendes at the 3XW 12th Anniversary Show.
– On August 11, Rainey competed four-way for the MSWA Ladies title.
– On August 12, Rainey participated in Battle Royale with a vacant ROW diamond title.
– On September 22, Rainey competed three-way for the vacant LLL Women’s title.
– On October 27, Laynie played Faye Jackson at the NOVA Pro Pumpkin Spice Lariats.
– On November 24, Rainey, Veda Scott, Sahara Sevenn, Diona Prazzo and Ally Cut defeat Mia Yim, Faye Jackson, Brittany Blake and Team PAWG (Jordine Grace & Lufisto) in the elimination of the NOVA Pro 11th Dimension. It was.
– On November 25, Laynie lost to Allie Kat on Wazzup.
– On November 26, Rainey, Nandy and Ally Cut lost to Solo Darling & Team Sea Stars (Ashley Vox & Dermi Exo) at the WWR Tournament for Tomorrow.
– On December 9, Rainey defeated Hanayeon at the ROW Christmas Chaos XII.
– On December 14, Laynie lost to Eric Priest on Kaiju Road to Valhalla.
– On December 17, Rainey lost to Hudson Envy at IHWE Jeremy’s Birthday Bash.
– On January 6, 2018, Rainey defeated Karma in the EMERGE Women’s title.
– On January 14, Rainey competed with Kylie Rae for the vacant Zero Pro Women’s title.
– On January 27, Rainey defeated Valentina Loca in the Rise of the Monsters.
– On February 2nd, Laynie won a 3-Way with 3XW Heart Punch 2.
– On February 10, Rainey defeated Jennarin on ROW TV.
– On February 17, Laynie defeated Sahara Se7en at Ladies Night Out I.
– On March 1, Rainey lost to Amazing Maria on the IWA Mid-South Opposite Side of the Track.
– On March 10th, Laynie defeated Machiko with NOVA Pro Rip Her to Shreds.
– On March 17, Rainey challenged Haian with the ROW Diamond title.
– On March 31st, Rainey & Brian Jace defeated Stan Styles & Salina de la Renta on the MPW Crossroads.
– On April 14th, Laynie & Brian Jace defeated DC Hannon & Machiko at MPW Hollywood Dreams.
– On April 20th, Rainey participated in the NOVA Pro Old Dominion Rumble.
– On April 28, Laynie & Mike Flannery defeated Jinx & Sean Phoenix in Kaiju Pat Monix and the Book of Torment.
– On May 5, Rainey defeated Dick Justice in MPW Killing Time.
– On May 12, Rainey lost to Ajaperera in the first round of the MTW Making Town Classic Tournament.
– On May 18, Rainey lost to Moxy Molly in SCW retaliation.
– On May 19, Laynie lost to Jordynne Grace at the Ladies Night Out II.
– On May 20, Rainey competed in the Zero Pro Cinco del Zero three-way.
– On July 21, Laynie lost to Savanna Stone in the Glory Pro Strike First.
– Laynie defeats Machiko on August 18th at Ladys Night Out 3.
– On September 8th, Rainey lost to Kris Statlander in the first round of the QOC Heir to the Throne Tournament.
– On September 14, Rainey lost to Nicky Wolf in the CSW Crucial Answers.
– On October 5, Rainey lost to Brooke Valentine in the final of the Des Moines 3XW Queen Tournament.
– On October 7, Just Peach (Rainy & Kylie Rae) defeated Chronically Punkutal (Jordan Blade & Emmaroo) at FPW Memento Mori.
– On October 19, Rainey defeated Miss Kate at the CSW Hall of Fame Show.
– On October 25, Rainey defeated Shotsy Blackheart at Zero Pro Halloween Survival.
– On October 27, Rainey defeated Haian at the FU Halloween Hyjinx.
– On November 3rd, Rainey defeated the Savannah Stone at ZOWA We’re Live. Pal!
– On November 17, Rainey lost to Miss Kate in the CSW Turbo Boost.
– On November 21, Rainey competed three-way on FU Black Eye Wednesday.
– On December 14th, Laynie participated in the 6-Way Scramble at Freelance.
– On December 28, Rainey challenged Haian for the title of sabotage in the best two of the three waterfalls.
– On December 29, Rainey lost to Alex Gracia at the ROW Christmas Chaos XIII.
– On January 4, 2019, Rainey competed in the Zero Pro Milwaukee Meltdown four-way.
– On January 18th, Rainey competed for the GPW Battle Royal title.
– On January 19th, Rainey defeated Blair Onyx in the vacant ZOWA Women’s title.
– On February 2, Rainey defended the title against Bucky Collins.
– On February 8th, Rainey lost to Thunder Rosa at FU No Place to Hide.
– On February 9, Rainey challenged Haian for the title of the ROW Diamond Division.
– On February 16th, Rainey held the ZOWA Women’s title for Savannah Stone.
– On February 22, Rainey & Miranda Lights challenged Gosh Dawn Millennial’s (Sierra & Vanessa Azul) for the CSW Tag Team title.
– On March 2, Rainey, Rocky Radley and Dynamite Diddy lost to Samantha Heights, Diamante and Aerial Monroe at RONIN 21.
– On March 16th, Rainey lost to Miranda Lights at the CSW Offense.
– On March 28, Rainey & Shozzie Blackheart lost to Brooke Valentine & Marty Bell at Journey Prorise Above.
– On March 29th, Rainey participated in the RISE of the Contenders Rumble.
– On April 6th, Rainey defeated Sierra to hold the ZOWA Women’s title.
– On April 13th, Laynie defeated Elayna Black on FU Not Over on the Internet.
– On April 20, Rainey held the ZOWA Women’s title for Melanie Cruise.
– On April 26, Rainey lost to Shotsy Blackheart at the SLA Ladies Night.
– On April 27, Laynie defeated Su Yung in a No DQ match at Ladies Night Out 6.
– On April 28, Rainey defeated Elena Black at Zero Wrestling on Weed Street.
– On May 11, Rainey competed three-way at the MAW Women of Nations Cup.
– On May 17, Laynie won a 4-Way at the Freelance Battle Royale.
– On May 26, Rainey participated in the 6-Way Scramble on IWTV The Midwest Mixtape.
– On June 8th, Rainey defeated Elayna Black to hold the ZOWA Women’s title.
– On June 15, Rainey lost to Thunder Rosa at FU boiling point.
– On June 20, Rainey challenged Britt Baker with the Zero Pro Women’s title.
– On June 22, Rainey participated in the first round 4-Way of the NWP Smitty Werbenjagermanjensen Memorial Tournament.
– On July 12, Rainey participated in 4-Way Elimination at HMW Fight The Power.
– On July 25, Rainey & CJ Esparza defeated Bull Baker & Elana Black on Thursday 2 at Zero Pro White Castle Wrestling.
– On August 1st, Rainey & Missakate defeated Elana Black & Shotsy Black Heart on Zero Pro White Castle Wrestling Thursday 3.
– On August 15th, Rainey won the vacant Zero Pro Women’s title on 4-Way.
– On August 17, Rainey held the ZOWA Women’s title by beating Elena Black in the best two of the three Falls matches.
– On August 23, Rainey defeated Miss Hannah with MAW American Money.
– On August 29, Rainey defended the Zero Pro Women’s title against Blair Onyx.
– On August 31, Rainey was robbed of the ZOWA Women’s title by Brooke Valentine.
– On September 1, Laynie defeated Max the Impaler to win the RISE Regional Rising Stars Tournament Midwest Bracket.
– On September 14, Laynie lost to KO Kendra at PWK Hardcore Sheninigans at Ochards Mall.
– On September 20, Laynie won the Freelance I Want to Believe 6-Way Scramble.
– On September 22, Rainey lost to Rachel Rose at the New Texas Pro Infinity.
– On October 19th, Rainey held the Zero Pro Women’s title on the 3-way.
– On November 1st, Rainey challenged the RISE title Phoenix Big Swall.
– On November 3rd, Rainey lost to Veda Scott at Shimmer 117.
– On November 9th, Rainey defeated Blair Onyx at ZOWA The Ultimate Ultimate.
– On November 15, Rainey defeated Sky Blue with a forward power surge.
– On November 21, Laynie competed with Journey Pro Dead Leaves on the Dirty Ground three-way.
– Laynie lost to Kylie Rae on December 7th at MAW Angels & Demons.
– On December 13, Laynie defeated the 6-Way Scramble in the Freelance War is Inevitable.
– On December 14, Laynie won the FU Independent title on 6-Way.
– On December 21, Laynie competed in the Glory Pro Unsanctioned II in three ways.
– On January 10, 2020, Laynie defeated Elayna Black in Freelance 2020: A Freelance Odyssey.
– On January 17, Rainey defended the Zero Pro Women’s title in three ways.
– On January 24, Rainey challenged Malia Hosaka for the SDW Women’s title.
– On January 25, Rainey competed 3-Way for the ZERO1 USA Women’s Title.
– On February 6, Rainey defeated Haley J at the IWA Mid-South Heartbreak ’20.
– On February 7, Laynie participated in the 8-Way Scramble at Freelance Send in the Clowns.
– On February 8th, Rainey held the FU Independent title for JJ Garrett.
– On February 15, Rainey defeated Brooke Valentine at the MAW Heart of a Warrior.
– On February 16th, Rainey, Kiera Hogan, Miranda Gordy and Brooke Valentine lost to Taya Valkyrie, Karanoia, Elena Black and Blair Onyx in HOW No Love Lost 3.
– On March 6th, Laynie & Acid Jaz lost to Jesus Bryce & Elayna Black at Freelance Lucky Punks.
– On August 15, Rainey held the Zero Pro Women’s title against Brooke Valentine.
– On September 17, Rainey & Missakate lost to Elana Black & Blair Onyx at Zero Pro Wrestling on Weed Street.
– On October 10th, Rainey defended the FU Independent title against Faye Jackson.
– On October 17, Rainey held the Zero Pro Women’s title in the best two of the Three Falls against Alex Gracia.
– On April 9th, Laynie lost to GPA at Freelance / FU Chicago’s Secret Stash.
– On May 1, 2021, Rainey lost the Zero Pro Women’s title to Jordine Grace.
– On April 28th, Laynie & Hyan held a time limit draw with Max the Impaler & Rok-C at the ROH Women’s Division on Wednesday.

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