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Raise plans to defend the American League crown in 2021, but Tampa Bay has agreed with Padres on a five-man contract to send left-handed players to Sun, so they need to do it without Ace’s Blake Snell. There is Diego, sources telling team has

Raise plans to defend the American League crown in 2021, but he has to do that without an ace Blake Snell Sources have told that Tampa Bay has agreed with Padres on a contract with five blockbuster players to send left-handed players to San Diego. Neither team has confirmed any transactions that are physically pending.

In the deal, Rays is right-handed Luis Patino, Padres’ third prospect, and 23rd overall Outlook, according to the MLB pipeline. Right-handed Cole Wilcox, catchers Francisco Mejia and Breakhunt will also be attending Tampa Bay.

Raise is: RHP Luis Patino, RHP Cole Wilcox, C Francisco Mejia, C Break Hunt
Padres: LHP Blake Snell

What Raise gets

Raise was listening to Snell’s offer, but the message was clear. If you want him, you’ll have to give up a lot, and Rays certainly got a fair amount of haul from San Diego for Ace.

Patinho, 21, headlines a group of prospects with fastballs up to 100 mph at 97-98 mph. Right-handed players pair a slider, which is considered one of the best pitches in the minor league, with its dominant fastball. Most scouts predict that Patinho will be the first or second starter, but that may not be achieved for at least the next few seasons. In 2020, the Padres played 11 times in the Padres, scoring 5.19 ERA, but defeating 21 batters in the 171/3 innings. Due to the mix of Patiño, Rays has seven prospects in the ranking. Top 100 List of MLB Pipelines, Most teams.

Once you get the media, the raise has another option to move forward in the catcher’s position.Raise has reached an agreement with Mike Zunino Early in this off-season, they are approaching a minor league deal with Kevan Smith with an invitation to a big league camp. The 25-year-old Media gave Raise a third option. One has many potentials.

Only a few years ago, the media was a must-see for Indians, but catchers couldn’t put it on a plate. That was his strength. In part of the four seasons, Messiah hit only 0.225 with 12 home runs. He will play more roles in Tampa Bay, but Rays certainly wants better production from a young backstop who can also play in the outfield.

Raise, along with Hunt and Wilcox, have won two prospects that could impact big league levels in a few seasons. 21-year-old Wilcox was selected in the third round of the 2020 MLB draft, but after making four starts in the final season at the University of Georgia and progressing to 3-0 at 1.57 ERA, the talent in the first round Was considered. Right-handed people can end up with an upward arm from the bullpen.

According to attendees, the 22-year-old Hunt was one of the outstanding players in the Padres Education League. The 6-foot-3, 215-pound catcher is an advanced game originator, but he struggles with the bat. However, several people in the raise organization have praised the potential of the hunt, and he was able to successfully match Ronaldo Hernandez as a future catcher.

Raise trades off

There is really no way around it. By trading with Snell, Raise will be a worse team in 2021, at least at this point in the off-season.

28-year-old Snell is at the height of his career, with a five-year, $ 50 million contract remaining three years. Over the last three seasons, Snell has been the most consistent starter for the raise team and has improved their winning percentage in each of these seasons.

Last season, Snell remained healthy after fighting an elbow injury in 2019 with an ERA of 3.24 to 4-2. However, by dealing with Ace, Raise can get four talented prospects and some additional salary relief, which can make Tampa Bay a little more aggressive. For the rest of the off-season and the next season.

After working for the organization for nine years, the final image of Snell in a Rays uniform is his image of walking on the Globe Lifefield Mound in Game 6 of the World Series. This is a long-standing and memorable decision made by Snell and manager Kevin. After 2021, cash will not be refundable.

What’s next?

For the 2020 season, Rays’ strength was starting pitcher. In 2021, there are multiple holes in the Rays rotation, an area of ​​concern for months remaining in the off-season.

Yonny Chirinos heads to San Diego for Snell For the season When Charlie Morton signed the Braves early this offseason, Rays locked three starters in rotation: Tyler Glasnow, Michael Wacha, and Ryan Yarbrough.

However, the other two spots in the rotation are less clear.

Shane McClanahan shows off his relief during the postseason, and left-handed players are expected to compete for starting jobs during spring training. Josh Fleming went 5-0 at 2.78 ERA during the rookie season and is now slotted in as the 4th or 5th starter. Prospects Brent Honeywell, Brendan McKay and Joe Ryan also have a chance to start next season, but Honeywell and McKay need to prove they are healthy. Then there’s Patiño, who definitely gets the chance to compete for one of the starting points.

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Raise trades Blake Snell to Padres Raise trades Blake Snell to Padres

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