Ramprasad KiTehrvi Review 2.0 / 5 | Ramprasad KiTehrvi Movie Review | Ramprasad Ki Tehrvi2021 Public Review

Death is a tragic phenomenon in life. However, some Bollywood films present this necessity in a lighter or incredibly interesting way. For example, JAANE BHI DO YAARO [1982], EKKEES TOPPON KI SALAAMI [2014], Daddy Cool [2009], BUDDHA MAR GAYA [2007], MALAMAAL WEEKLY [2006], PUSH PAK [1987], NEHLLE PE DEHLLA [2007],Such. Seema Pahwa’s directorial debut, RAMPRASAD KI TEHRVI, also promises to downplay death. So can RAMPRASAD KI TEHRVI entertain and impress the viewer? Or will the effort fail? Let’s analyze it.

RAMPRASAD KI TEHRVI is a story of a family gathering after aging due to a tragedy. Lamprasad (Nashi Ladin Shah) is the patriarch of an old man who died suddenly while teaching a child in his neighborhood a piano at home. He lived with his wife and was called Amma (Sprya Patak). Their sons and daughters live in different parts of the country. Obviously, as soon as they receive the news, they rush to Lamprasad’s mansion in a small house in Uttar Pradesh. The time when the family should have been mourned becomes confusing as the wounds of the past resurface. What’s more, Cima (Concona Senshalma), the wife of Nishant aka Nishant (Parambrato Chatterjee), the youngest son of Lamprasard, will not come. It leads to gossip and speculation among the wives of other sons.Meanwhile, Pandit said that Lamprasad died on December 19th. tehrvi Therefore, it will be January 1st. Attendance at such ceremonies on the first day of the year can be awkward for some, leading to family discussions. When the problem is resolved, another problem arises. The children of Lamprasad become aware that the patriarch chose to lend a rupee. 100,000 rupees and that he returned only rupees. 30,000 rupees. It is their responsibility to repay the remaining amount. While reading his diary, they came to know that he borrowed the loan because his children were asking him for money.This revelation leads to the next round tu tu main main.. In all this turmoil, Amma feels left behind. Meanwhile, the grandchildren have a pleasant reunion with little concern about their grandfather’s death.She finds it hard for her to stay Haveli To be lonely. Even if she chooses to be with her sons, they don’t seem ready to accept her. What happens next forms the rest of the movie.

The story of Seamapawa is promising. The biggest strength is that it is very relevant. Everyone was in the situation depicted in the movie. Therefore, it has very much to do with many events in the film. However, the script of Cima Power is inconsistent. Some scenes and conflicts are very well thought out and fleshed out. On the contrary, the movie slips in the second half because important details about some important characters are omitted. Seamapawa’s dialogue is realistic and contextual. However, the funny conversation of Prakash Bade jija ji (Brijendra Kala) seems out of place.

The direction of Cima Power is very neat in the first 30 minutes. The way she establishes the setting and mood makes it a fascinating watch. Some of the characters like Cima look very interesting and I should have been able to do a lot here. But I wonder why Cima Pawa omitted the backstory of a particular character. This is especially true for Seema characters. It is not possible to understand exactly what she made a mistake with Neatu and his family. She was not the only daughter-in-law who was separated from her daughter-in-law.Remaining Buffs It was also separated from Ramprasad and Amma. Also, towards the end, Cima’s change of mind makes her feel that she will ask Amma to be with her. That’s what the buildup looked like. When she doesn’t, I wonder why. Perhaps she had the same problems as her other daughter-in-law and wasn’t ready to take responsibility. But this bit should have been better explained. On the other hand, Rafuru (Vikrant Maggie), who wants Cima individually, looks like a great idea, but it looks a bit aggressive. The last scene is encouraging, but it comes suddenly.

RAMPRASAD KITEHRVI is off to a good start. Don’t waste your time as Lamprasad dies in the first scene. From here, it’s a refreshing watch as all the mudcap characters arrive and create madness. Some scenes stand out, as the four brothers drink and express their long-controlled anger. Also, the sequence of seeing everyone spending gala time while Amma hides behind a pillar and mourns her husband’s death is very moving. After the interval, the movie gets too serious. Many people who go to the movie after seeing the trailer and thinking that it will be an easy movie will be shocked rather than surprised.

RAMPRASAD KI TEHRVI has some excellent performance built-in. Nashi Ladin Shah is a cameo and reliable. Sprya Patak is a lot of the best part. You can feel the pain of her personality. Konkona Sen Sharma is, as expected, very good, but disappointed by its weak characteristics. Parambrata Chatterjee offers great performance. Victorant Maggie is great. Vinay Pathak (Pankaj), Manoj Pahwa (Gajraj) and Ninad Kamat (Manoj) are doing great things in their respective roles. Sadiya Siddiqui (Pratibha), Divya Jagdale (Sulekha) and Deepika Amin (Sushma) are also doing well, but their gossip seems to have been repeated since some point. Anubha Fatehpura (Rani; badi jiji) is compelling, and Sarika Singh (Dhaani; choti jiji) is very good at talking to Amma outside at night. Manukriti Pahwa (Bitto; Rahul) is very lively. Brijendra Kala, Sawan Tank (Samay), Neivan Ahuja (Saksham; neighbor), Shikant Verma (Basant Chote jija ji), Yamini Dass (Mami ji), Vineet Kumar (Mama ji), Rajendra Gupta (English speaking Taudi), Mahesh Sharma (Vinod with Taudi) is decent. Finally, Sanakapur is very impressive as a young Amma.

Sagar Desai’s music is forgotten. “Ek Adhoora Kaam” Register when you find yourself in an interesting situation.The rest of the songs like “Jo Ghum Hua Hai”, “Aisa Hai Kyun” And “Brawaya Ayare” Do not leave a mark. Sagar Desai’s background score is subtle and fits nicely with the story.

The cinematographer of Sudip Sengupta deserves praise. There are some long turns that are very well captured by Lensman. The costumes of Darsham Jalan and Manish Tewari and the production design of Paris Jat Podder are just out of date. Editing Dipika Kalra is fine, but I hope Seema and Nishitant’s flashback scenes have an increased screen presence.

Overall, RAMPRASAD KI TEHRVI has a very interesting story, but the latter half is so weak that it can’t have the desired impact. The movie would face tough times in the cinema and ideally should have been released directly on the OTT platform.

Ramprasad KiTehrvi Review 2.0 / 5 | Ramprasad KiTehrvi Movie Review | Ramprasad Ki Tehrvi2021 Public Review

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