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Kalhanoguru responded to rumors, Ramsey wants Arsenal to return Arsenal was told to sign Grealish, and Gunners were told not to re-sign the duo in Arsenal’s summary …

Hakan Charhanoguru is heading for a free agent, Arsenal is said to be one of his many suitors, and he provides up-to-date information on the current situation.

AC Milan are aiming for Champions League qualifying and can be of great help in deciding whether Keemun agrees to play in the match. Kalhanoguru is a player involved in the transfer to the Premier League.

Arsenal are one of the best teams in the Premier League and are of high quality across the pitch, but Mikel Arteta needs to be added to the team this summer to win the Premier League title in Manchester City. I know that.

But in all speculation, Calhanoguru argues that European competition will not affect his decision, and no definitive call for his next move will be made until the end of the 2020-21 campaign. Is called.

Asked about his plan Sky sports italyWith Milan in fourth place in Serie A, Kalhanoguru said: We are excited and want to book our spot in the Champions League.

“I always said I wanted to join the Champions League with Milan.

“But my future doesn’t depend on the Champions League. I’m very happy to play here in Milan.

“At the end of the season, I will sit down with Paolo Maldini and Ricky Masala to discuss my future. They are responsible and I respect them.”

It would be interesting to see where the player would end up if he actually decided to leave the Italian giants.

Kevin Campbell told Arsenal that he was interested in bringing a few players back to the club and that he had to be positive rather than backward.

After a very disappointing season under Mikel Arteta, the club was able to finish the season for the first time in more than 20 seasons without trophies and European football. This means that the Spaniards aim to improve their team.

Both Aaron Ramsey and Wojciech Szczesny could be sensational as Bernd Leno is reportedly leaving the Emirates and Martin Ødegaard will leave the club at the end of the loan agreement. There were some reports in the media that there was back to the club

But Campbell insisted he didn’t want the goalkeeper to come back, and while Campbell wasn’t talking directly about Ramsey, he had to believe his comments also apply to the Welsh midfielder, while he went to the club. Prompted not to see Back: “I don’t want him back,” Campbell said. Football Insider..

“He’s gone and doing very well wherever he is, but I don’t like to go back.

“I’m looking forward to it. I think there are other goalkeepers to target in the summer.

“The legacy of goalkeepers who can make their own spots is important. When you return to the club, especially in Arsenal, it’s always difficult.

“His first spell in Arsenal was great. Let’s be honest.”

You see, both players are decent, but it would be shocking to see him return to the club at the end of the day.

Kevin Campbell urged the Arsenal Football Club to sign Jack Grealish at Aston Villa this summer.

Grealish has grown to be one of the best midfielders in the Premier League, and his performance at the villas this season means that all the big clubs are very interested in transfer deals.

His agent, Jonaton Burnett, recently admitted to SNTV that his star didn’t know where to play football next season, and Campbell took action on Arsenal’s board to take him to Emirates in the summer. Prompted to.

“I want Arsenal to move to Grealish, but I don’t think the club can afford him at this point.” He told Football Insider..

“He has proved to be a world class player this season. He is very consistent with his performance and he is still young. The big difference he made to Aston Villa this year is What is it?

“I think every big boy will see him. They have a lot of aggressive talent, but I didn’t go through Manchester City to sign him. I could see him there.

“Listen, it will make the strong stronger. It may be the embarrassment of wealth. You need to keep strengthening, or you will stand still and others will make you You will catch it. “

round up…

This is a sign that Arsenal fans want to happen. Grealish is certainly a good player for Arsenal. But unless the board raises some balls and pays a fortune, they can’t compete with big clubs for Grealish’s possible deals.

His price tag is too high for the club so far

Italian journalist Fabrizio Romano claims that Aaron Ramsey wants to return to Arsenal in the summer window.

Walesman was a key player in the Gunners after more than 350 club appearances in northern London for more than a decade, but left for Juventus in 2019 with a free transfer after failing to agree on a new contract at Emirates. Did.

However, the 31-year-old Serie A giant has been struggling with shape and strength since joining the Serie A giant. There are reports that most performers have been off the bench and linked him to the transition to British football.

He has been on the transfer list from a former Italian champion and the Premier League could end. Romano says he is suffering in Italy and Arsenal wants to return to Emirates.

he Told the Arsenal Lounge as Express Sports quoted: “Aaron Ramsey wants to join Arsenal again.

“At Juventus, he’s struggling, not playing, and suffering a lot of injuries.

“He is 100% on the market and if Arsenal wants to go to Ramsey, they know they have a chance.

“But at this point, Ramsey has nothing advanced or serious yet.”

round up…

You see, Ramsey was loved by Arsenal, but he chased money and didn’t work. He is not a former player and will never return to Emirates. The Gunners will get angry with offering him another contract.

He may actually want to go back to Emirates, but certainly this doesn’t happen because Arsenal haven’t shown a real desire to bring him back.

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Ramsey Szczesny and Grealish all appear in Arsenal’s summary Ramsey Szczesny and Grealish all appear in Arsenal’s summary

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