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Randall has long been linked to a series of wildcards starting this year as part of him. Multi-year contract with the race-winning supercar team..

These one-off starts effectively replace the full-time seats Randall had. Tickford was able to secure a fourth racing entitlement deal For this season.

Nothing has been confirmed, but it is widely expected that Randall will make the first start of the wildcard with a bend from May 8th to 9th.

If that plan comes true, it marks the start of his second solo supercar, and the other will be held on the same circuit in 2019.

Things like Darwin and Perth have emerged as other potential wild card rounds at the age of 24, while already locked in as a Bathurst 1000 co-driver.

Tickford boss Tim Edwards didn’t make sure Randall was on Bend’s grid, but repeated the wildcard program in progress.

“We’re working on a wildcard program with Randall, we didn’t keep it a secret,” he told

“We are currently working on all of that commercialization.”

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The backing of the wildcard program can come from Castrol. Enhanced support for Randle with the S5000 series..

He has also been a longtime supporter of the Tickford team and is prominently placed on the rear wing end plates of both Camwaters and James Courtney cars this season.

Tickford will reconsider returning to four cars for the 2022 supercar season. Two spare racing entitlement contracts will be available later this year..

Winning any of these RECs opens the door for Randle to make his long-awaited full-time main game debut.

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Randall will join Bend’s Supercar Field Randall will join Bend’s Supercar Field

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