Random: Among us on the Wii?Sounds a little suspension

It’s time to get the suspicious old school style, so dust the nunchaku and grab the wrist strap. Among us It’s on the Wii! Well, some kind.

“I’m working on Among Us on Nintendo Wii,” Reddit user Burrito SOFTWARE declares in an unofficial Among Us subreddit with a video proving his claim. He is certainly playing Among Us on the Nintendo Wii. Incredible!

Wait a minute! He follows up on the bold declaration with a disclaimer:

Background of how this is done:

The Wii and PC are connected to the router with two Ethernet adapters. Then I used WiiVNC and TightVNC server to stream Among Us from my PC to my Wii. This is neither practical nor anything. [proof of concept].. Even with a wired connection, it’s really slow.

Edit: As for the input method, press 2 on the Wii remote controller to display the on-screen keyboard.

Now we don’t fully understand all of this technical business, but we can infer its implications through helpful comments: it’s not. actually It’s running on the Wii, but I’m streaming from his PC and using the Wii remote as a mouse. It can also be a PowerPoint presentation because the frame rate is so bad.

Apologies to fans of Nintendo’s Wiggle Stick Console-probably not coming to the Wii soon among us. We hope you didn’t raise your hope. However, you can purchase it with a switch.

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