Random: Be aware that the next generation of real-time ray tracing is coming to SNES

SuperRT-The future has arrived!
SuperRT-The future has arrived!

Ray tracing is more than just a buzzword, it’s actually a big issue for next-generation games.Not immediately seen on Nintendo’s platform, but at least game developers and software engineers Ben Carter informal How to run this rendering technology on Super Nintendo hardware.

In a video on his YouTube channel Shironeko Labs, he explains how he was inspired by the legendary Super FX chip that powers games such as: Star foxCreate a modified cartridge called “SuperRT”-allows the Super Nintendo to handle real-time ray tracing. And … the results are pretty impressive. Watch the video below.

“What I wanted to try was similar to the Super FX chip used in titles such as Star Fox, where SNES executed the game logic and passed the scene description to the chip in the cartridge to generate the visuals. Finally, I deliberately tried to limit my design to using a single custom chip, rather than using the ARM cores available on the DE10 board and other external processing resources. “


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