Random: Did you find a small typo Nintendo that was missed in the latest Switch Update?

It’s always dangerous to point out typos in someone else’s work — Goodness knows enough small errors to slip through this writer’s net.. Still, if you find an unexpected location, typos tend to stick out like thumb pain. The internet is full of them, but they really catch your eye when you are away from your PC or phone. For example, at an ATM or on a road sign. Alternatively, it will pop up on the switch menu screen.

Recently I found such a small mistake buried in the Switch menu, but it jumped at us. Because … well, Nintendo is usually very enthusiastic about this kind of thing. I don’t remember having a typo in one of the console menus. It’s a small thing and I thought it would disappear in the next update anyway. It’s not a big deal.

Now, Switch Firmware Update 11.0.1 has been removed today, fixing a number of minor issues … But there are still some nasty typos! (Note. Readers ninten90 and HADAA point out that the American English text on the menu below is quite different from the European version, so it’s possible that Nintendo in Europe, not NoA, slipped in here! )

But here! ?? I can hear you cry. Well, we only caught it when we were putting together a guide explaining how to transfer screenshots and videos from Switch to a smartphone, PC, or Mac (in update 11.0.0 at the beginning of December). New features that debuted).Select any image[スマートデバイスに送信]If you select[個別に送信]Or[複数送信]Options are displayed …

At least that’s what it is should Say. Instead, the “L” and “T” switched where to read “Send Mutliple”.

Nintendo Switch Typo Send MutlipleNintendo Life

In fact, Nintendo may have been spending an “off” week because a friend at Switch Weekly recently found another misspelling in the Switch promotion. How many times have you mistakenly typed “Nintnedo”?

Pot, kettle, black? There is no discussion there. Maybe I’ve sent too many gorgeous Breath of the Wild images to my PC wallpaper folder and I’ve seen “Mutliple” come to my mind. It’s much better for Nintendo to focus on fixing the important ones in the firmware update, but for some reason it sticks to this least important error!

Nintendo, we fully understand. It’s been a very long year.

Are you unfairly involved in a typo? Do you remember seeing something like this on other consoles? Please let us know below. Please be kind. That is our best.

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