Random: Did you know that EarthBound creator Shigesato Itoi played the leading role in My Neighbor Totoro?

Shigesato Itoi has always been a familiar name to Nintendo fans and may have enjoyed some of his best work, but there will be those who didn’t know about his particular role. ..

Itoi is probably known as the creator of the Mother series (known here in the west as Earth Bound). He was the lead designer of the original game and was the producer, director and writer of EarthBound for the SNES.

But in the end, he also acted as a voice actor for Studio Ghibli, calling out to the very popular Mei and Satsuki’s dad. And great success My Neighbor Totoro.

A quick look at Studio Ghibli’s replies to tweets reveals that many fans didn’t know. And it’s not embarrassing to admit that you’ve never come across this juicy little fact.

Did you already know this? If not, at least you now have a new way to show off and sound wise over your years in front of your friends. You are welcome..

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