Random: Metroid’s Samus Trend When Fans Guess About Potential Fortnite Crossover

It’s not every day to see Samus trends on social media, but this morning the Metroid protagonist is at the center of the conversation. Not because Metroid Prime 4 revealed. sorry!

Fans are beginning to believe in our favorite galaxy bounty hunter May Try to see it as a new skin in the latest season of Fortnite. As you can imagine, some people are happy with their prospects and others aren’t...

Rumors started the round for several reasons. Fortnite’s fifth season promises to allow players to “join the best hunters beyond reality” and leaves them to help the island characters with quests and prizes.

These hunters from “Beyond Reality” are slowly but surely beginning to become apparent.Initially, the Star Wars Mandalorian arrived in-game as a skin and now from Kratos on the PlayStation. God of War The series has also been basically confirmed.

The details surrounding Kratos are still unknown-is he limited to PlayStation players only? – However, some believe that Microsoft and Nintendo will also place characters in the game due to this bounty hunter theme that emerges from a variety of realities. After all, Fortnite is not particularly loyal to any platform and regularly promotes cross-platform play on all systems.

Kinda Funny’s Greg Miller disagreed with the Games Awards predictions.

And there’s a lot more where it came from:

So can it happen?Nintendo is famous for being always cautious about handling IP for many years, which is right This is a great opportunity. With the introduction of Metroid Prime 4, is there a better way to promote the Metroid brand than to make it one of the biggest games on the planet? May Nintendo also favor the Fortnite representatives at Super Smash Bros. Ultimate?

You’ll know over time.

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