Random: The story of seasons photo mode is why we can’t have something nice

Nintendo Life

Seasonal Story: Olive Town Pioneer is a comfortable and relaxing little farm simulation game where players can gently explore the town, raise livestock and have a wonderful old days.

But sometimes you have to wait for the loading screen-and the loading screen is boring! Most of the time, these are just blank images, and worse, black screens. But XSEED is one step ahead. Everyone, I decided to show pictures of other people playing the game. Therefore, there is something that looks good.

Theoretically, anyway. In reality, it’s more like this.

Seasonal Story: Olive Town PioneerNintendo Life

It’s a lot of fun. Maybe our title seems a bit overly dramatic. Hey, let’s eat those goofy a little more!

Seasonal Story: Olive Town PioneerNintendo Life
Seasonal Story: Olive Town PioneerNintendo Life

Wow, talk about making loading screens fun again! What else do you document?

Oh. Ohno.

Poor Nguyen! He can’t help being much shorter than every woman in town …

Is there a prison in Olive Town?


I can only imagine that XSEED expected their players to be a little more strict With their pictures. Some of these photographers may not have done so, uh … expect Their photos are scattered on thousands of loading screens.

What are you … treated with funny loading screen photos? Let us know about them in the comments.

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