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When people talk about classic PlayStation games, they always say the same name. FINAL FANTASY 7, Resident Evil and Crash Bandicoot are just a few of the titles featured. There is one game that is rarely mentioned these days.

Clock: Legend of Paupa We had everything we needed for a 3D platformer. A few years later, it was released in Sega Saturn, PC, and strangely Game Boy Color. The PS One version was what I played and was, in fact, the first complete retail game I bought.

Mario without a man

Its appeal was simple, it was a Mario 64 closet that you could get without the N64. This was in front of Spiro, just after Nintendo brought Mario into the 3D realm. Crocs It was a curious middle ground. The developer, Argonaut Games, wasn’t a newcomer to Block. Their previous work included titles like the Commodore 64 Aliens (complete with funky manuals) and almost every Days of Thunder in the early 90’s.

Argonaut debuted on the 5th generation system. CrocsA brave new world for veteran studios. The core is Crocs It was a fascinating platformer with a great level of design. The bridge between challenges and accessibility was almost perfect. Only controls that can handle various puzzles and obstacles well. Jump on this and whip it with your tail to collect everything you see.


Mario’s influence was clear. The core gameplay was directly from Nintendo’s school. To be fair, this wasn’t the case for stripping Mario. Crocs Initially born as a Mario spin-off starring Yoshi. Initially set exclusively for the N64, Nintendo later rejected the game. After searching for a new publisher Crocs Eventually it will be the new IP. Ironically Crocs The original concept influenced several elements of the Mario 64.

The visual and sound design was top notch. Each of the five worlds perfectly reflected their theme. Forest islands explode in lush colors, creating a great color palette. Iced Island and Crystal Island were shining primarily because of their fantastic appearance. Everywhere boasted a unique musical style, taking full advantage of Saturn and PlayStation features.

Back to the day

Regeneration Crocs It’s nostalgic and amazing. I thought the game would feel completely outdated and stiff, but I was wrong. Even with some dangerous camera angles, it still holds up. To date, music and sound design stand out. All 42 levels are still oozing out with characters, dancing to their own sweet sounds. Even the basic platform is still fun.

Clock: Legend of Paupa I deserve more gratitude. It may not have the brand power that other games enjoyed, but it’s still great. This is one of the forgotten gems of last year.

Randomly Accessed Memory – Croc

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