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When provided by the UFC Randy Couture The provisional light heavyweight title, written in 2003, was on the wall.

Already two heavyweight champions by then, Couture isn’t happy with the UFC’s defeat of young Pedro Rizzo twice in a series of battles to defend his title in 2001. I knew.

“I think they weren’t too keen on having a 39, 40 year old heavyweight champion,” Couture said in a recent episode. “Legend 2 Legend” With Bert Watson. “I think they didn’t think I was very marketable.”

In 2002, Couture lost the title when he was TKOed by Josh Barnett. Josh Barnett was stripped after a positive test for banned substances. It gave Couture the opportunity to regain his belt six months later in a vacant title battle with Rico Rodriguez, but Couture was submitted in the fifth round.

Couture was then scheduled to fight Andrei Arlovski, but three weeks before the fight, Arlovski broke his hand. That’s why the UFC was called Couture in Plan B.

How about he lose weight to fight Chuck Liddell For a provisional light heavyweight title?

At that time, Liddell was in a fierce battle with his former friend and undisputed champion Tito Ortiz. Liddell vs. Ortiz was the biggest UFC fight. In the way Couture saw the situation, UFC President Dana White and the Fertita brothers decided to hand over Liddell for provisional money so that Ortiz could be pressured to accept the title unification with Liddell. I wanted it.

“Obviously, I was an ointment fly for the entire scenario,” Couture said.

After Couture continued to dominate Liddell, he was undoubtedly the first two-time fighter in UFC history to finish him in the third round with some vicious ground and pounds.

In the video above, the UFC Hall of Fame looks back on his victory and how he was placed in a “little hostile situation” with the White and Fertita brothers.

Or watch the entire episode below.

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Randy Couture recalls ruining Chuck Liddell’s plans in 2003 Randy Couture recalls ruining Chuck Liddell’s plans in 2003

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