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Randy Orton and Sheamus weren’t happy lately when Charlie Caruso was “late” to a behind-the-scenes interview with WWE Raw. This caused Caruso to be “pulled” from the television and Kevin Patrick was hired as her direct replacement. Caruso’s WWE contract will soon expire, but she still has one. Randy Orton’s huge WWE salary has just been revealed. reports:

Corey Graves praised the WWE woman who ended up with Bianca Belair’s Vince McMahon.

He said in the afterbell: “Bianca had a chance and hit a home run. Given the opportunity, she can step on the road to WrestleMania. Last year she participated in the Women’s Royal Rumble Match and impressed everyone. Gave. People don’t forget. They leave that impression.

She didn’t ask for anything, Bianca just went out and got it. She didn’t get the chance to win the Royal Rumble because someone created a hashtag that she deserved. It’s a business, and it’s the same on the men’s side of women. Only a very limited amount of opportunities are offered, so it’s up to you what to do with it. ” Another WWE diva responded to Randy Orton hitting her with a low.

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Randy Orton “Furious” WWE Diva Behind the Scenes Randy Orton “Furious” WWE Diva Behind the Scenes

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