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When Mika Jibanejad Looks like the old Mika Jibanejad Rangers Currently, he faces increasingly difficult decisions about his future at the club. Jibanejad’s current contract pays him $ 5.35 million for the season, which ends after next season. At that point, Zibanejad is 29 years old and will be an unlimited free agent. He is expected to order a big time raise.

When this conversation last came, Jibanejad was in the midst of a major COVID-related slump. However, despite the slump, Zibanejad has scored 7 goals and 20 points in 31 games. It’s still at a pace of 53 points, which isn’t great, but given the situation, it’s a pretty good recovery. When this expires, it’s easy to imagine that Zibanejad will win long-term deals in excess of $ 7 million. Depending on how the next season progresses, it can be much more expensive.

Rangers have only two options. They can resign him or trade him. They can’t walk him-and they don’t-.

Case for re-signing him

There are strong cases of re-signing Zibanejad. He is easily the best center of the Rangers. He’s a legitimate 1C in the league and an absolutely deadly shot. He drives attacks, calls attention on the ice, and plays in all situations. He is the leader of the team and is clearly the person needed for the team to succeed.

The risk of re-signing him is Fourth long-term contract.. 3 (Zibanejad, Artemi Panarin, Chris Crider) Of the four, the player is in his thirties.only Jacob TorvaEnds at the age of 32 in his early 30s. The quartet will tie up cap space for at least $ 34 million, and perhaps more. All significant rangers on the roster will require a significant salary increase, and in some cases multiple salary increases, before any of these contracts can be concluded. For flat caps, it can be nearly impossible within 3-4 years.

Given the lack of depth in the NHL roster and the center of the system, the case to keep him strong.

Case for trading him

The old saying is, “It’s better to trade with a player a year too early than a year too late.” My dislike of Bill Verichek is well known, but he is 100% correct here. The Rangers are at great risk of re-signing as Jibanejad has reached the other side of the 30-year-old. There is no guarantee that he will decline, but they are already taking that risk with Panalin and Crider. Is Triple Down a smart option?

The best comparison here is the player the Rangers traded to land Jibanejad, which is Derrick Brassard. When the Rangers traded him, they were trading an established center that had just paired for the 60-point season as the top two centers.Rangers are lucky SenatorHowever, I also risked that Zibanejad wouldn’t score as consistently as Brassard. The risk was small, but it worked.

Can Rangers find another trading partner, including Jibanejad? That is certainly possible.Ottawa is no longer a reliable answer here, and Buffalo seems to be the default these days Jack EikerSituation of. However, the Rangers are likely to get out of the box. Flat caps and lower earnings this season could prevent owners from lowering the actual dollar in trading.

But don’t do this the wrong way. The ranger will not deal with him unless he can find a potential young person.

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No matter what happens, there are cases for and against both. It ’s a very difficult situation for Rangers, and it ’s a very difficult situation. Jeff Gorton.. The future of Mika Jibanejad with Rangers is unclear and we may actually get an answer this summer.

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Rangers face the future of Mika Jibanejad and tough decisions Rangers face the future of Mika Jibanejad and tough decisions

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