Rank All NBA 2K Cover Athletes Seasons from Worst to Highest

We officially joined the 2021 NBA season as the dust settled down and the city of Milwaukee became even more drunk than usual. First big wave of NBA 2K22 information. The 2K season begins as soon as the actual season ends. The NBA 2K cover is, in a sense, the most popular cover for sports games. Yes, Madden Although unquoted “more popular”, the NBA 2K cover won’t hurt you or end your career.This is why I was made to think about almost every ranking NBA 2K Cover athletes there It’s been many years.

I will explain the details of NBA 2K22 I’ll cover it soon, but let’s scream 6 different cover athletes NBA 2K22:

  • Luka Doncic on the cover of the Standard Edition
  • Kareem Abdul Jabbar, Dirk Nowitzki and Kevin Durant in NBA 75th Anniversary Edition
  • Rui Hachimura will be released in Japan
  • Candace Parker is coming to WNBA 25th Anniversary Edition

Congratulations to all these players and 2K Sports for inventing a cool art style. This beats the last seven EA Sports cover pants.

now, Madden If you do, you are known to have a curse.Specific player who appeared in Madden The cover goes on to some rough patches of their career and life. Of course, this raises the question — are all sports games evil? Is there a curse on the 2K cover? Are 2K cover players generally much better than them Madden Counter part? And who is the 2K cover MVP?

Well, without a weird deep dive, we wouldn’t be an operational sport. Now let’s take a quick look at the brief history of the NBA 2K cover and see how cursed it really is in the quick rankings of (almost) all cover seasons in 2K history.

We are Operation Sports. I’m Matt Ederer. This is all ranked NBA 2K cover seasons.

NBA 2K Cover Ranking

There are 25 different cover seasons on this list. Skip retired legends and country covers only for time purposes. Yell at one Canadian version of 2K with DeMar on the cover. We still love you DeMar.

Divide this into tiers and start with the tier numbers 25-19 that I call. Is it a 2K curse?

2K curse?

25) NBA 2K13 – 2012-13 Derrick Rose 2012-13

NBA 2K13 Three players were on the cover, so I’m not going to show it yet. But if you want to claim that there was a 2K curse, this is Attachment A. I’m sorry for one of my Chicago fans. During the game, one of the 2011 NBA Playoffs, Derrick Rose, broke the ACL.

It’s hard to say this is a curse, as the injury occurred before they covered him. Maybe the plan was already working, who knows? All we know is that Derrick Rose didn’t play in 2012-13. So it was the worst 2K cover season.

24) NBA 2K7 – 2006-07 Shaquille O’Neal (2)

This was Shaq’s second consecutive 2K cover, but this time he missed 35 games due to knee surgery and called Phil Jackson Benedict Arnold before the Christmas game. Well, it didn’t work for Big Deez. Or maybe they were doing well, it’s actually pretty hilarious. The heat was delayed and continued to win in a row, finishing 8th in the east and soon being attacked by Chicago.

23) NBA 2K15 – 2014-15 Kevin Durant (2)

This year, KD had many foot problems, suffered a Jones fracture in his right foot, and missed all year long until it was officially closed in late March. He still put 25/7/4, which was also a 2K curse.

22) ESPN NBA Basketball (NBA 2K4) – 2003-04 Allen Iverson (5)

This was a few years after the “practice” rant still referred to in the comedy show 20 years later. Iverson was interrupted by the team and missed for a while due to an injury, while the Sixers missed the playoffs. Iverson will appear in this list again.

21) NBA 2K19 – 2018-19 LeBron James (2)

Bron is on the cover of the 20th anniversary edition of 2K. This was the first year Bron had missed the playoffs since 2005, defeating eight consecutive finals.

20) NBA 2K18 – 2017-18 Kyrie Irving

Killy’s first season in Boston went well until March knee surgery revealed more injuries than originally expected. Killy has missed the rest of the Boston Celtics’ promising regular season.

19) NBA 2K17 – 2016-17 Paul George

It’s probably rude to put this here, but I think it was the very moment when Playoffs P changed from a nickname to a punch line (at least after these playoffs, it started to go back in the opposite direction). Indiana finished 42-40, was attacked by Cleveland in Round 1, and Paul George moved to Oklahoma City shortly thereafter.

Probably undervalued layer

18) NBA 2K9 – 2008-09 Kevin Garnett

Defending Champion KG, whatever is possible is fresh. KG played only 57 games. We could have put this in the 2K curse layer, but it’s worth noting that in 2009 Garnet reached the youngest 1,000 career games in NBA history (165 days 32). In a short period of time the body had many miles. I’m not blaming 2K. I blame my father’s time.

Anyway, I’ve taken 57 games of this Beast Mode KG more than anyone else on this list so far.

17) NBA 2K13 – 2012-13 Blake Griffin

The break was 2012-13, a year that was slightly lower than the previous year, and was the next four or five years. Blake was a physical wonder, but the defense adapted to his game. His Clippers finished 56-26 and lost to Memphis in Round 1.

16) NBA 2K16 – 2015-16 Anthony Davis

“Classic good statistics, bad team guys” — quote, Bill Simmons.

15) NBA 2K5 – Ben Wallace 2004-05

Defending champion Big Ben has increased his total score (9.7 points for gentlemen) in addition to 2.5 blocks, 12 rebounds and DPOY Hall of Fame level defense.

14) NBA 2K6 – 2005-06 Shaquille O’Neal (1)

Difficult to rank. Shak wasn’t the same Big Aristo he was in Los Angeles, not even Orlando. But again, he instantly changed the team of Mysidacea and they won the NBA Championship. Shaq is the first man to have a ring on our list. And he was a big part of Miami’s success. It should put him in at least the top 15.

AI layer

13) NBA 2K – 1999-00 Allen Iverson (1)

12) NBA 2K2 – 2001-02 Allen Iverson (3)

11) NBA 2K3 – 2002-03 Allen Iverson (4)

We can go to Basketball Ref and discuss this until the phone dies. Now it’s important to recognize that Allen Iverson has been on the cover of 2K for the first five years in a row and speculate that it was the right decision. Iverson was great in all these years, and you could split this atom as you wish. There is one Iverson cover season that stands out from the other seasons, which I’ll discuss later.

Hall of Fame

10) NBA 2K21 – 2020-21 Damian Lillard

Throw the latest covers and Damon Dash season here # 10. Comparing his numbers with AI, I think Dame might be better. We can talk about the times and stuff, but Lillard deserves the NBA 2K Coverhole of Fame and is definitely a future Los Angeles Lakers player.

9) NBA 2K20 – 2019-20 Anthony Davis

The year Anthony Davis joined Tune Squad and officially defeated the monsters while clumping into a strange and unpleasant basketball-like substance. No, it was this year. 2019-20 was the year Anthony Davis won the NBA Championship. Rudy Gobert also licked the microphone. This is something I haven’t seen in my family for 18 months.

8) NBA 2K16 – 2015-16 James Harden

Baby bull James Harden, still climbing the mountain with us. Harden’s rocket lost to Steph and the Warriors in the first round, but James Harden continued to show us that he was an absolute offensive wizard.

7) NBA 2K14 – 2013-14 LeBron James

In Bron’s last year in Miami, he rattled his career’s best 61 points against Bobcat, remember? Bron was a Jaguar note, but he is still a Jaguar note, but in the final five games Heat loses to the Spurs. It hurt him a bit on this list.

6) NBA 2K8 – 2007-08 Chris Paul

In a sneaky and wonderful forgotten year, CP3 led his New Orleans / Oklahoma City Hornets (which was a strange time) to the second seed west one game behind the Los Angeles Lakers. The Hornets defeated Dallas in the first round, but lost to the San Antonio Spurs in the second round.

5) NBA 2K1 – 2000-01 Allen Iverson (2) (MVP season)

This is the year of MVP, the best AI season, and the year he overcame Ty Lue in the NBA Finals. Allen Iverson never gets cool, and 2K sports never get cool.

4) NBA 2K19 – 2018-19 Janice Adetokumpo (MVP Season)

Shout Milwaukee. This was a big move in 2k, which actually evoked the rise of Giannis and even put the word “RISE” on the cover. Janice won her first MVP in the year she won the 2K cover. Janice lost to Kawhi Leonard and the final NBA champion, the Toronto Raptors. This is a sentence that literally never says.

3) NBA 2K13 – 2012-13 Kevin Durant (1)

On paper, Durrants 2012-13 is absolutely stupid: 50/40/90 split, 28 PPG, 8 rebounds, 5 assists, 1.3 blocks, 1.4 steals! It’s the video game season, so it’s good to talk about 2K. It’s a season when no one is in real life, but for some reason eight people spend 2K a year. anyway.

OKC won the West in the regular season and lost in the playoffs. If you’ve heard this, stop James Harden and the Houston Rockets. Unfortunately, KD’s run ended in Round 2 vs. Memphis Grizzlies. The trophy is terrible, I have taken over the young, 24-year-old Kevin Durant to everyone on this list so far.

2) NBA 2K16 – 2015-16 Stephen Curry (MVP Season)

I’m not the first to say this, but Stephen Curry broke basketball. He burned the game to the ground and rebuilt it with his image. His team went to 73-9 this year, and he was the main reason.

It’s probably trivial to say that Stephen Curry has lost to the top of the list as he lost in the final. It’s bad enough that he lost the NBA Championship and lost his position as the best player in the most impressive season of sport history. When will the disgrace end! ??

1) NBA 2K10 – 2009-10 Kobe Bryant

The 2K10 featured the perfect combination of unstoppable players in video games and unstoppable players on the court. Defending champion Kobe Bryant, who just defeated Dwight Howard and won his first chip without Shakir, defended the ring by beating the Boston Celtics. 27 PPG, 31 games played for 40 minutes or more, 29 games with 30 points or more. Mamba Forever.

It’s going to do it for us today, but keep it locked in Operations Sports for the best detailed coverage in sports games. We post a lot of great, informative articles on our website every day, and we will come to you more and more on YouTube with reactions, lists, and such fun things.

If you like me, my name is Matt Edeller. You can hear more about me on the main event radio on Sunday Night, Canada’s best wrestling radio show and network. If you like wrestling, thank you for listening, thank you for watching, be safe and check out Kobe Bryant with confidence.

Rank All NBA 2K Cover Athletes Seasons from Worst to Highest

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