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Winning is a considerable achievement NBA Championship. This is the goal of every player in the league and only one wins each season. Even more rare is a group of players who have won multiple franchise titles. In fact, only 43 players have achieved this feat. This list ranks the top 30 NBA players so far to participate in championships with multiple NBA teams.

This is not necessarily based on how good you were in the finals, but it is used as a tiebreaker in certain situations. This list contains some of the best players ever.

The prestigious mention consists of 13 men who did this but did not reach the top 30: Walt Davis, Patrick McGee, Earl Cureton, Will Perdue, Quinn Cook, Chris Booter, James Jones, Pepsol. , Wally Walker, Mario Elie, Charles Johnson, Jack Coleman, JaVale McGee.

Lindsey Hunter

Lindsey Hunter (Photo by Gregory Shams / Getty Images)

The best NBA player to win the NBA Finals with two or more teams: 30.Lindsey Hunter

Lindsey Hunter saw his best season from an individual perspective long before he became part of the championship team. Thought a defensive specialist, the hunter was drafted by the Detroit Pistons in 1993 to 10th overall. While playing for the Pistons, he formed an All-Rookie team and was a double-digit scorer in six of the first eight seasons. Stint in Detroit.

The hunter was traded to Milwaukee Bucks in 2000 and to the Los Angeles Lakers the following season, where he won his first NBA Championship. After winning the first title, the hunter was sent to Toronto and traded to Detroit in 2003 for a second run in Motor City. After manipulating a salary cap that isn’t allowed today (exempted from being traded on the deadline and soon re-signed as Pistons) Goin’to Work Pistons defeated hunter’s former Lakers teammate in 2004 in a row I participated in the final match.

The hunter continued to play for another five seasons after appearing in the finals in a row. When he finished running, he was the oldest active NBA player and soon became a coach. In particular, he was the interim head coach of Phoenix Suns in 2013 and is now the head coach of Mississippi Valley State University.

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Ranking of 30 Best Players to Win the NBA Finals in Two or More Teams Ranking of 30 Best Players to Win the NBA Finals in Two or More Teams

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