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It’s time to break it down, looking back and looking back at everything that happened just past the week and the whole thing. There was a big build for WWE WrestleMania and Takeover: Stand & Deliver, but both IMPACT and AEW continue to make equally powerful shows.

There were also some great matches, surprise returns, and some weak segments. But which of all the major shows of the week came to the top?


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This week’s WWE NXT UK lacked something that made the show pretty bland and unforgettable, but it’s usually not. There were impressive shows from both Aoife Valkyrie and Teoman, but both were predictable and did so much to just put them in, not a competitive segment.

It was great to see Millie McKenzie back and she’s a great addition to the roster. On the other hand, the behind-the-scenes showdown between Rampage Brown and WALTER was good, and building on their past added a lot of tension to things.

The main event ended the show, but the NXT UK Tag Team Title Match was competitive. Kenny Williams had turned on Amir Jordan for some time and could actually be dragged out a little longer, but the match itself was still a good contest. But the whole show lacked the usual sparks.

5. Impact wrestling

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The show was very similar to WWE NXT UK in the sense that there was nothing wrong with it, but there was no real excitement. From Tony Khan’s rambling ads to the behind-the-scenes segments of Don Callis and Kenny Omega, AEW’s involvement was the weakest for some time, so it was a shame.

Sami Callihan was able to look dominant in his match, and so was Brian Myers when he sent suicide, but again, neither match was overly noteworthy. did. It was the show’s biggest announcement that jazz put her career on the line, but it was only categorized into a behind-the-scenes segment, and such news deserves a bigger spot than it was given. ..

However, the task of celebrating James Storm’s 1000th match and reviving Chris Harris was very well done and worth it. It’s great to see the legends get the respect they deserve, and that was absolutely true in the case of the show’s storm.

4. WWE Raw

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It was a completely mixed show, so some people may not want to make WWE Raw so high. The moment it looked like a competitive monster that stopped doing nothing to regain the title, as Drew McIntyre was booked all night, was amazing.

Still, on the contrary, splitting The Hurt Business wasn’t a good creative move (although everything worked very well), and Shane McMahon’s report card segment was cruel. But the worst was the New Day Game Show, which was one of the worst segments for quite some time.

But overall the show had good energy and things were well built and progressed towards WWE WrestleMania. Bad Bunny came across again, and Sheamus and Riddle had a great match, teasing what was coming next weekend. In the end, the good outweighed the bad, and this show felt stronger than both IMPACT and NXT UK.

3. WWE SmackDown

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WWE SmackDown was fun this week as well, outside of working with the women’s tag team division. It was completely confusing to see all the teams running in the sloppy segment and attacking each other. The inability of WWE to book departments is becoming a problem at this point, and we hope to see what happens after the mania.

Elsewhere, the show was good. Edge has been given a lot of time, from his opening promotion to commentary at the main event, and regaining that grit is a great change. The main event was also strong and the entire segment pushed Daniel Bryan well, but it’s good to see Jey Uso not only so consistently defeated.

The six tag match was fun, and it’s a real shame that none of them got the moment of WrestleMania. In addition, the Logan Paul segment served its purpose and added more interest to the upcoming match. Overall, it was an interesting show that was well constructed throughout.


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The show is all about building to takeover, and WWE has certainly done it well. Roderick Strong and Cameron Grimes had a great opening match, with the storywork of Strong’s post-UE life being well-told. Meanwhile, Santos Escobar and Tyler Breeze also had a fun encounter.

I felt like I was in a hurry to work with the women’s tag team division. This is also a problem on the main list. However, working with Tian Sha continued to be great, and battle royale was a fun concept. But what really stole the show was an overnight quarrel between Io Shirai and Raquel Gonzalez. It was also nice to give women a separate brawl segment.

The show lacked only four of the biggest batters heading for takeover. Finn Balor, Karrion Kross, Kyle O’Reilly and Adam Cole were all missing outside the pre-recorded segment. By physically arranging them, we were able to put the show on top.

1. AEW Dynamite

You know it will be good when the show can kickstart in the first singles match of Christian Cage. Both he and Frankie Kazarian have shown what they can still offer in a great match that is much slower than the normal AEW pace, but has benefited greatly from it.

The show was fun all night. The return of the Inner Circle was successfully handled by these two factions with a true blood struggle. But when it comes to factions, I wasn’t a fan of QT Marshall. To me, it’s too many factions, which is simply not interesting, but hopefully AEW can prove that I’m wrong.

The six-man tag was a great match, with Kenny Omega and Good Brothers continuing to show their strength, and Thai Conti looked great with a female tag despite being defeated. In the main event, the arcade match was a unique concept, and things were well organized. It was a big surprise to see Kris Statlander back.

6th place = 1 point
5th place = 2 points
4th place = 3 points
3rd place = 4 points
2nd place = 5 points
1st place = 6 points

Results for 2020 (Weekly points will be added to the following):

WWE Raw-25
Impact Wrestling-40
AEW Dynamite-68
WWE SmackDown-42

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Ranking of all major wrestling TV shows (Week 13) Ranking of all major wrestling TV shows (Week 13)

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