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Fingers crossed that the 2021 MLB season would start on time and that we could watch live baseball at this year’s stadium.

While we wait, Buster Olney continues to rank the 10 best players in each position annually for the next season, based on the opinions of industry evaluators. He starts with a pitcher-top 10 starters and top 10 reliefs. Following that Wednesday, he will have an infielder, an outfielder on Thursday, and a team on Friday.

Starting pitcher

Trevor Bauer Sometimes from mounds to struts, and Marcus Stroman It can be a guts pose machine. By their standards Jacob deGrom It is stoic in appearance. But if you look closely, even if DeGrom throws a bullpen session with only the audience, DeGrom’s work is extraordinarily intense. New York Mets Pitching coach Jeremy Hefner and bullpen catcher.

If DeGrom throws a pitch and it misses an inch (probably less), DeGrom pauses and glances at the sky. The shortest pause when reassessing what went wrong and why he failed. This is the best pitcher on the planet to challenge himself. “He maintains a very high standard,” Hofner said.

But most of the time, DeGrom directs his feelings to the unfortunate batter. He sees horror and defeat in the eyes of his enemies and moves to get the job done, just like young Mike Tyson. “Killer Instinct may not be the right phrase to use in this era,” Hofner said. “But … it seems he’s thinking.” I’m ready to attack this prey. Let him escape. He loves to have fun and to make jokes, but when it comes to work time, he has seriousness. “

clearly. DeGrom was promoted from a really good pitcher to a superstar in the 2018 season and his production has been spectacular for the past three years: 2.10 ERA, 628 strikeouts in 489 innings and only 36 home runs allowed in 76 starts. I did. He won two Cy Young Awards and finished third in another. The adjusted ERA + was 188, which was better than Sandy Koufax in the last three years of the Hall of Fame career. From 1964 to 1966, Koufax’s adjusted ERA + was 176.

It would be foolish to compare the 2020 season to the previous year, as the easing stocks last summer were so different. There was no fatigue or pain of more than 200 innings, while the pitcher had to work at the stand without adrenaline that could be borrowed from fans.Yankees rescuer Adam Ottavino As an example, he pointed out that the two-stroke applause that grows in Yankee Stadium and elsewhere each time the batter enters the hole strengthens the batter’s defenses and emotionally stimulates the pitcher. It wasn’t available to pitchers like DeGrom.

But for Mets Ace, that wasn’t really a problem. In a sense, DeGrom is the perfect pitcher for a year with no fans on the stand because of his ability to focus on the crisis at hand and physically (purely) and emotionally overmatch the batter. was. “He has this aura,” Hofner said. “He plays against the game and against himself. Whether it’s a playoff game or a non-playoff game, a fan, a fan in the box, or many other things. It doesn’t matter what he thinks is “I”. I’m going to win today. “

Over the last three seasons, DeGrom has allowed three or more ERAs in just six of the 76 starts. In 61 of those starts, his opponent scored less than two runs. He has become a model for what many other pitchers want to be.

Top 10 Starting Pitchers Based on Inputs from Industry Evaluators:

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Ranking of MLB’s best starting pitchers and rescuers Ranking of MLB’s best starting pitchers and rescuers

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