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This season was a bit of a roller coaster for Ravens. Despite the ups and downs, Ravens holds a 5-2 record for this week’s bye-bye. Their stock was hit following a 41-17 defeat to Bengals last week, but Ravens is still ranked as one of the top teams in the AFC and NFL.

That said, no one mistakes them for the perfect group. There are some clear concerns that need to be addressed.

On paper, Ravens was a top-notch offensive team this season. Until the seventh week, they are ranked 4th (417.6) in yards per game and 9th (26.7) in points per game. Their attacks are ranked in the top 10 in both the passyard and rushyard per game.

However, despite these numbers, the early offensive performance of the game is a clear issue. The Ravens attack is one of the slowest-starting units in the NFL this season. For Ravens to be more successful later this year, it needs to be fixed after the goodbye week.

Difficult to open the drive

Against Charger Two weeks ago, the Ravens attack put together a 12-play, 90-yard touchdown drive. Unfortunately, this was a substandard anomaly — this is the only time they scored on their first offensive possession throughout the season.

This is a brief summary of how Ravens’ opening drive went, except for the sixth week of the match against Los Angeles —

Week 1: 8 play, 24 yards, 2 first down, 5:15 (punt)

Week 2: 3 play, 2 yards, 0:15 (pick 6 intercept)

Week 3: 3 play, 5 yards, 2:12 (punt)

Week 4: 6 play, 13 yards, 1 first down, 2:50 (punt)

Week 5: 3 play, 5 yards, 1:38 (punt)

Week 7: 6 play, 2 yards, 3:10 (punt)

These make a total of some dark sums: 5 punts, 1 turnover, 3 3 outs. Of these six instances, Ravens won more than 10 yards only twice. Some setbacks common to these possessions include penalties, imperfections, negative runs, and sack.

Ravens generally came out flat to start the game, regardless of whether they first received or postponed the ball. They struggled to keep the chain moving when opening their property and shot their feet many times.

First quarter issues

The first quarter was Ravens’ worst scoring quarter. Their attacks earned a total of 21 in a total of seven first quarters. Of these 21 points, 14 occurred in the first and second weeks. They scored no points against Lions, Broncos, Colts and Bengals in the first quarter.

The quarterly Ravens scoring output for the season is:

First quarter: 21 points

Second quarter: 67 points

Third quarter: 88 points

Fourth quarter: 54 points

One of these is different from the others. .. ..

Not only is Ravens’ opening drive not producing points, but it’s also rare to follow up with a powerful second or third drive. The attack will take until the second quarter. The second quarter (67 points) is the second highest scoring quarter of the season. From a point of view, Ravens has scored as many points this season alone as in the third quarter (88), the combined number of the first and second quarters (88).

Fortunately, due to all their flaws, Ravens’ defense was strong early in the game.So far, Ravens has only been allowed 24 points in the first quarter. that’s all There is a -3 point difference in the first quarter of the season. However, this is not a recipe for continued success.

Too often, Ravens realized he had to play from behind and catch up. Because of their honor, they are lagging behind at some point in four of the five wins this season, which is in stark contrast to what we’ve seen from Baltimore’s attacks over the last two years.

In 2019 and 2020, Ravens frequently started the game fast. They jumped at their opponents by scoring quickly and took advantage of it by running the ball and controlling it. This season wasn’t the case at all.

Ravens average 3.0 PPG in the first quarter until the seventh week of 2021 Only 23rd In the NFL. For comparison, the averages for the first quarter of 2019 and 2020 were 7.5 PPG and 6.6 PPG, respectively. First place In both seasons of the NFL.

The injured running back room and aggressive lines certainly don’t help the problem. Ravens hasn’t won a yard in an early down run as much as in the last two years. Similarly, their short-range success in the third down was also hit hard.

Ravens is in the bottom half of the league in this season’s third down conversion. The offense has added a big play element that was missing in the pass game, but hasn’t kept the drive with the same level of success. They need more consistency in running games and aggressive line play. However, except for major moves prior to the closing date, Ravens needs to work with freely available personnel.

Finding more aggressive success early in the game, no matter what factors you want to contribute to the problem, should be an important point for Ravens of the Goodbye Week.

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Ravens’ late start attack is an obvious issue that needs to be fixed Ravens’ late start attack is an obvious issue that needs to be fixed

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