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NFL Week 17 Winners and Losers -Roger Sherman

Winner: Lomping Ravens

Normally, you don’t run it to increase your score. Lampley keeps the clock running and is generally not explosive. If you’re running the ball later in the game, it’s probably a sign that you have a big lead and are trying to free other teams from their misery.

But by continuing to run on Sunday Baltimore Ravens It actually made life more embarrassing Cincinnati Bengals.. With a 38-3 victory, Baltimore became the fifth team in the league, scoring 400 rush yards in the game. This is the first time since 2000. They carried the ball 54 times at 404 yards, averaging more yards on the ground (per 7.5 carry) than in the air (6.4 per pass).

It was a very balanced performance. Dovins cleared 160 yards, Lamar Jackson 97 yards, Gas Edwards 60 yards, Mark Ingram 39 yards, and Devin Duvernay and Justice Hill 20 yards each. Ravens only tried 5 passes in the second half, but was still able to build 267 yards. Earn 21 points of attack.

After going 14-2 and getting no. One seed last season, this year’s Ravens looks good. At 11-5, the post-season spot was not guaranteed to head for the 17th week. But after a 35-point victory, Baltimore ends the season with the NFL’s highest point difference. The second consecutive season. Their victory may have exceeded one of the poorest teams in the league, but it showed how terrifyingly dominant Ravens were on both sides of the ball.

Ravens’ 2021 opponent confirmed -Ryan Mink

Ravens, who finished second in AFC North, will be the second team in AFC East (2nd)Miami Dolphins) And AFC SouthIndianapolis Colts).


Pittsburgh Steelers

Cleveland Browns

Cincinnati Bengals

Kansas City Chiefs

Indianapolis Colts

Los Angeles Chargers

Green Bay Packers

Minnesota Viking


Pittsburgh Steelers

Cleveland Browns

Cincinnati Bengals

Las Vegas Raiders

Denver Broncos

Chicago Bears

Detroit Lions

Miami Dolphins

This could change if the NFL owner approves the addition of the 17th Regular Season game next season.Owner already Agreed on the schedule procedure for the game..

The 17th regular season match is a “mutual meeting match based on divisional ranking” from the previous campaign, and will be played “by division”. In that case, Ravens reportedly Los Angeles Rams..

Ravens-Titans prepare for a fierce battle after another season -Todd Karpovic

“It’s not about them, it’s about us,” said Lamar Jackson, a Ravens quarterback. “It doesn’t really matter who we play. We go there with the same idea. Focus on our challenges and put out a” W “. But if we play them, that’s also good. It doesn’t really matter, but thanks to the people we play. I’m glad I did the playoffs. “

One of the main stories of the week revolves around Lamar Jackson, the Ravens quarterback. Lamar Jackson is about to win the first playoff game of his young career.

After some early season struggles, Jackson was playing his best football and led Ravens to five consecutive victories.

Jackson is the first quarterback in NFL history to reach 30 wins in his first 37 starts. He is now 30-7 as a starter.

“We faced a lot of adversity,” Jackson said. “Many people were skeptical of us throughout the season because there wasn’t a year like last year, but it was’Any Given Sunday’, our team got over it and we played. Showed the world that you are here to do. And we have to keep it going. ”

NFL Super Wildcard Weekend: One big question for each of the six games -Greg Rosenthal

Is this the beginning of Ravens’ revenge tour?

Ravens is not your average wildcard team.They led the NFL by a point difference in the 17th week and then increased their margins Defeat Bengals 38-3..They have won 5 times in a row and are led by 2019 MVP Lamar Jackson, The person who raised the MVP number last month. Baltimore is a team of sayings that no one wants to face.

The Titans were on the team last year when they rudely finished the 2019 Ravens dream season. And Tennessee seems to have overcome the 21-10 road deficit by counting down John Harbaugh’s 2020 team in the 11th week. Win in overtime, The lowest point of this Baltimore campaign. In short, Nashville will be a great place for Ravens to win their first playoff win in the Lamar era.

Tennessee’s attacks are ranked in Kansas City and Buffalo’s explosive units, while Titans’ defenses are in the Jacksonville and Detroit sieves.If Ravens wins, they could probably head to Kansas City in a division round Another revenge game..Did I mention how good these are AFC playoffs look?

Baltimore Ravens vs. Tennessee Titans in Wild Card Round: First Thoughts on Match -Aaron Kashinitz

It’s important for both teams to get started quickly

Before Ravens and Titans played in November, Vlabel faced a question as to why Baltimore was a difficult opponent for most NFLs.

“They start very fast,” he said. “We have to be very competitive. We need to be ready early on.”

Ravens are designed to play in the lead like any other NFL team, as they attack in a hurry and rely on defense coordinator Don “Wink” Martindale to dial the blitzkrieg. I will.Does Baltimore have the firepower of the games that the Chiefs pass through? Bill Or packers, a team that erases deficits more regularly.

And the statistics support Vlabel’s suggestion that an early start is especially important for Ravens. Baltimore was 10-2 this year when it recorded a touchdown in the first quarter, and 1-3 otherwise.

If Vrabel realizes great importance in the first few drives of the game, Sunday’s Titans could pull out the best and most elaborate schemes to move on. Ravens should have a counter.

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Ravens News 1/5: Revenge Tour, etc. Ravens News 1/5: Revenge Tour, etc.

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