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The NFL 2021 schedule will be officially released tonight at 8 pm Eastern Standard Time.We already know all the opponents Baltimore Ravens Faced with this fall, they begin with a cross-country road trip and end the first week with a prime-time match. Las Vegas Raiders Monday Night Football.

Here are some predictions based on what we know, what we might see, and what we can expect when the rest of the schedule comes out:

Expect another 3-4 prime time games

Centered around Lamar Jackson, Ravens was more electrical and explosive to attacks than any other era in franchise history. He made them a must-see television and his dynamic dual-threat playmaking abilities attracted a young fan base throughout the team and football sport.

After becoming the second unanimous league MVP in 2019, Ravens won the maximum number of prime-time games the team could allocate in 2020, including two on Monday night football. In addition to the opening round of MNF, there will be at least three nationally aired contests, even if the maximum is not reached this year.

Some promising candidates for those games Pittsburgh Steelers Because they always appear to be playing at least one of the two matches during prime time Green Bay Packers At home, and of course, Kansas City Chiefs This is almost rock.If they get the maximum quota, one of their two matches Cleveland Browns It could be the fourth since two teams appeared in the “Game of the Year” in the 14th week of last year.

Ravens v Chiefs will be played later this year

Kansas City is a two-time defending AFC champion and has been one of the hurdles Ravens hasn’t cleared since Jackson became a full-time starter. They were 0-3 against Chiefs and Patrick Mahomes, but two of these three games fell into the network and Ravens was just short.

Last year’s match between the two title candidates took place at MNF in the third week, resulting in a biased 34-20 defeat to his home Ravens. This type of confrontation should be played in the second half of the season, when both teams begin to peak and have the highest impact on the playoffs. This game must be played from mid-November to late November and is perfect for a December showdown.

Ravens have the best chance to lead AFC North after the first week

Ravens doesn’t have the weakest schedule strength of the year in AFC North, but I think it’s most likely to start 1-0 and lead early in the division. The Steelers need to move to Buffalo to play against AFC runner-up Bill, the Bengals host the Vikings, and the Browns become the first team Wilchiefs faces since being dominated by the Super Bowl in February. I have a difficult task of becoming.

The Bengals match may be tossed up at this point, but even if Ravens wins in the opening round of the season, Baltimore will lead early as he will face his opponents at the Raiders meeting.

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Ravens Schedule Release Forecast-Bolchmore Beatdown Ravens Schedule Release Forecast-Bolchmore Beatdown

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