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The· Baltimore Ravens (10-5) With a sloppy finish, I still manage to beat it New York Giants (5-10) 14 points, final score is 27-13.

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MVP: Lamar Jackson

A simple refreshing game for the Ravens franchise quarterback. Jackson achieved a cool 65.4% complete with 183 yards and two pass touchdowns. He ends the aerial attack with an 111.5 QB rating. On the ground, the man added another 80 yards with 13 carries (6.2 yards per carry).


JK Dobbins: A powerful game, he keeps Touchdown Streak alive. He is now in a 5 straight game with a touchdown. He also added 335 yards in five games, equivalent to 67 yards per game.

Gus Edwards: The spellback to Dobbins was just as good, and he showed a total of XX yards in some angry runs. He also filled the Giants late on the 2nd and 17th, caught a sideline pass, stayed inbound and trucked a 27-yard road.

Dez Bryant: Another touchdown for veteran receivers.

Justin Madubuke: The rookie has notched his first career sack! He is playing some great football Baltimore beatdown Spencer Schultz mentioned this in a great article earlier this week.

Marquis Brown: After a few weeks of considerable depression, Brown had up to four touchdowns in five games. He also did not drop the pass thrown on his path and went 4-4 at the reception.

Patrick Queen: A solid rookie match, with more than 100 tackles this season. It’s a great year to build.

Anthony Averette: An overall solid game. Shepherd’s second half touchdown opposed him in an interview, but I’m fine with that.

Chris Board: Today’s two sack easily puts this guy in the winner’s line. I talked endlessly about the need to finish the play, and he (and actually the team) did so today.

Pittsburgh Steelers: They did it. They miraculously came back, Indianapolis ColtsAllows bright red Ravens in the playoffs.

Devin Duvernay: Some solid returns in punt games are interested in this as a potential competition towards the playoffs.


* = This title does not mean that these players are losers. They played a poor game. It happens to the best players and should be taken lightly.

Justice Hill: The defense piled up back-to-back sack, and due to a special team penalty, the Giants were unhooked and recorded a touchdown. I hated this strongly.

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Ravens vs. Giants Final: MVP, 10 Winners, 1 Loser Ravens vs. Giants Final: MVP, 10 Winners, 1 Loser

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