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Ravens, the winner of the last three games, plans to increase that number to four against the Giants this week to maintain hope for the playoffs. Here are five keys for Baltimore to improve to 10-5 on Sunday:

1) Send an electric shock

QB Daniel Jones will face Ravens on Sunday after missing the time last month. It’s no secret that Jones has a sales problem, which Baltimore’s defenses need to take full advantage of. The New York attack has struggled hard, especially with pass protection against this season’s blitzkrieg, with Ravens having more blitzkrieg than any other NFL team this season.

2) Make a plan for Evan Engram

With WR Golden Tate in the match on Sunday, TE Even Engram is likely to be the main target of the New York attack. Baltimore has had a hard time covering the middle of the field this season, mainly due to lack of experience in the ILB position. Therefore, you need to make a plan to prevent Engram from taking over the game.

3) Stick to execution

Ravens has revived the 2019 raid in recent weeks. The Giants have allowed the fifth-lowest rushyard in the league so far this season, so we need to give something on Sunday. Even if the attack isn’t humming early in a hurry, Baltimore must stick to what they’re best at when the game gets tight.

4) Attack Andrew Thomas

Andrew Thomas was the first OT to be drafted and selected on the fourth pick of the draft. Thomas did play well as the years went by, but he struggled occasionally this season, making him a leading candidate to attack with Pass Rush. OLB Jannick Ngakoue, who has just finished two bags of performance, often plays against Thomas on Sundays.

5) Keep hitting play in the air

Ravens has improved dramatically in the last few weeks of attacks, largely thanks to QB Lamar Jackson’s play. Jackson reduced mistakes and took advantage of what the defense has given him in the last few weeks to bring an efficient pass attack in some big plays through the air. Hitting the required pass keeps the drive alive and Baltimore can put a new away York.

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Ravens vs. Giants: Five Keys to Victory Ravens vs. Giants: Five Keys to Victory

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