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Ravens put together another strong all-round performance against the Giants in the 16th week, winning four straight wins to improve to 10-5 in the season. Along the way, he left some points on the board, but as a team he hurried nearly 250 yards, poured three touchdowns and was efficient in the pass game.

As always, there were some notable moments throughout the afternoon. Check out all of the top plays below and vote for your favorites!

Marquis Brown 6-yard touchdown reception: To conclude the surgical opening drive, Ravens placed 6 points on the board in favor of Lamar Jackson and Marquis Brown. Second in the Red Zone, Jackson stepped into a clean pocket and handed Brown a pass. Brown noticed that he was open on the crossing route. This is Brown’s sixth touchdown of the season and the fourth since the 12th week.

JK Dobbins 2 Yard Rush Touchdown: With the advent of JK Dobbins in the second half, he frequently appeared on this list. He returned to the end zone again on Sunday for five consecutive games. Dobbins’ 2-yard score raised Ravens to 14-0, followed by 10 plays, ending another successful drive of 65 yards.

Gas Edwards 32 Yard Rush: When the “gas bath” is rolling, it’s definitely a sight to see.

Dez Bryant’s 8-yard touchdown reception: What are the advantages over Dez Bryant’s single touchdown? Two Dez Bryant touchdowns! Bryant threw an X after finding Paydart in the Red Zone for the second straight week. This time, Bryant noticed that he was wide open after the coverage bust in the Giants Zone coverage. He hooked the ball behind the end zone and bounced his feet down to raise Ravens to 27-6.

Gas Edwards 27 Yard Reception: Gus Edwards = WR1? After catching a 34-yard reception against the Jaguars last week, Edwards made another big play in the pass game with just over four minutes left against New York. Jackson avoided the pressure and Edwards made himself an available outlet, but his work after the catch was more impressive.


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    Marquis Brown 6 yards touchdown catch

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    JK Dobbins 2 Yard Touchdown Run

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  • 6%

    Gas Edwards 32 yards rush

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  • Four%

    Dez Bryant’s 8-yard touchdown catch

    (5 votes)

  • 83%

    Gas Edwards 27 yards catch

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Ravens vs. Giants: Gameplay Ravens vs. Giants: Gameplay

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