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Former Indian opening game commentator Sneil Gavaskas feels more consistent with test cricket bats in the last few years or so as Ravindra Jadeya began playing in the spirit of Batman.

Sunil Gavaskar made the above observations when discussing the ongoing Boxing Day test day 3 procedure between India and Australia on the Sony Sports network. Melbourne..

Sunil Gava Skull. Credit: DNA

Sunil Gavaskar: Ravindra Jadeya batting on number 8 or 9 and probably thought he was an all-rounder when he wasn’t focused on batting.

Another commentator, Sanjay Manjekar, asked the legendary Sunil Gavaskar about the changes he saw in Ravindra Jadeya’s batting, but adding the latter has always been a good test bowler.

In the opening round of the former India, he said he had not paid much attention to batting before because the southpaw was playing like an all-rounder by lowering his position.

“Previously, when he came to Bat, he was at number 8 or 9, so his idea at the time might have been that he was an all-rounder. He didn’t pay much attention or focus to his batting, “Gavaskar said.

Sunil Gavaska emphasized how Ravindra Jadeya’s recent rise in batting order made him think like a batter and play more responsibly during the hit.

“When he came to the fold, he didn’t think of him as a batter, but he’s been hitting number 6 or 7 for the past year and a half, so he’s starting to approach his innings as a batter. “Gavaskar added.

Ravindra Jadeya
Ravindra Jadeya. Image Credit: Getty Images.

Sneil Gavaskar has the additional responsibility and burden of raising the rankings, but the cause of Ravindra Jadeya is the undefeated century against the West Indies in 2018 and some of the 80’s and 90’s in 2018-19. He pointed out that it helped him get the big necessary runs, including the score.

“That’s why he’s been very consistent over the past year and a half. He’s recorded a century and has reached nearly 100 others,” Gavaskar observed.

Ravindra Jadeya With 1 ton and 1450, there are an average of 36.02 runs of 1909 times in 50 tests. His average has exceeded 40 since 2016 and his average peaked at 62.86 in 2019.

Sunil Gavaskull: With a little help from the pitch, Lavindra Jadeya can hardly play

Sunil Gavaskar observed that Ravindra Jadeja’s bowling ability was unquestioned. He added that the spinner on the left arm is deadly on winding roads. He took an average of 24.58 214 wickets.

“I don’t have two opinions about his bowling. With any help from the pitch, he can hardly play,” Gavaskull said.

San Gaiman Jekar
San Gaiman Jekar. Photo courtesy of Getty Images.

Sunil Gavaskull concludes with a casual talk about Sanjay Manjekar’s praise for Ravindra Jadeya.

“And I know you’re not only his fan, but his air conditioner,” Gavaskull joked.

Sanjay Manjrekar replied that he has always been an all-rounder fan in the longest version of the game.

Ravindra Jadeya has grown exponentially as a batter with 750 runs in 15 test matches played since the beginning of 2018. The average is 53.57.

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Ravindra Jadeya started playing batting mentality in 2016: Sunil Gavaskar Ravindra Jadeya started playing batting mentality in 2016: Sunil Gavaskar

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