RAW LINSON END SIRHENRY (1980) Review and overview of the eccentric British comedy

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Sir Henry Rawlinson End Is a 1980 British comedy film about an attempt to ward off the ghosts of an alcoholic aristocratic brother.

Director Steve Roberts (Rutland Weekend Television And Until sunday The TV series) is from a script written in collaboration with Vivian Stanshall (formerly Bonzo Dog Doo-Dur Band), based on the character created by the latter for the John Peel BBC Radio 1 show.Charismatic movie production star Trevor Howard (((Holy; persecution; trend), Patrick Magee (((Black cat; Devil of the heart; exile; Dimension 13), Denny’s Coffey, JG Devlin, Harry Fowler, Sheila Reed, and, of course, Vivian Stanshall.


Humbert (Vivian Stanshall), brother of alcoholic aristocrat Sir Henry (Sir Henry)Trevor Howard), While escaping from an illegal attempt without pants, he was accidentally killed in a drunk duck shooting. Humbert’s ghost will not rest until replacement pants are provided. Until then, the ghost walked down the Rawlinson End corridor, often regaining its body, accompanied by Humbert’s dog gum corridor, which is now stuffed and attached to the trolley.

Among eccentric families, crazy friends, and loyal servants with resentment are Aunt Flory, who is forever knitting, Mrs. E, who is obsessed with tapeworms, and Mrs. Philippa of Staines (Liz Smith). ). Scrotum, Sir Henry’s wrinkled vassal …

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“It’s in a really weird epic wazo, but the movie has been surprisingly unknown and unscreened since its release in 1980. I remember the grainy VHS being secretly passed on at school. And even this feels a bit naughty as a Bell DVD version … a movie equivalent to cheese before bed, which guarantees a nightmare, but in a good way. ” Big issue

“It’s full of surrealistic quotes that are so much fun to participate in any conversation. A movie with a very acquired taste. It’s certainly not everyone’s tea, but if you can get into it, it’s an absolute treasure of comedy jewels. Can be found. ” David J Roger

“It is impossible to justice the arrogant and very unique madness of the movie.” Financial Times

“Sir Henry is a cartoon masterpiece.” NME

“This extraordinary movie is one of the most unplanned British comedies I’ve seen. It’s been a while since I laughed so much … it’s a cult made.” –Parents

“Occasionally, it’s also interesting in some of the games with the words” Michael and Angelo-the two men responsible for the Sistine Chapel. ” Or play with the Greek Harpics and the Kalahari Desert, which is considered a Japanese suicide ritual. A list of Howard’s favorite artists, such as Avocado DaVinci and Anonymous Bosch. There is a strange and entertaining surrealist moment of an indoor game that combines pool and polo. But except for the very occasional chunks of humor Sir Henry Rawlinson End It’s inconsistent and incomprehensible. ” Moria

… I missed the opportunity to turn Stanshall’s poetic wordplay, high cultural reference, low humor, and pitfalls of knockabout’s wonderful rambling mix into some major piece. What you see on the screen hasn’t reached the audio version, but that’s all we have.A kind of terribly eccentric Downton AbbeyIt’s definitely unique. ” MovieSteve

“You will laugh, you will cry, you will jab your eyes with your still shivering fingers from the trauma of being a child again. Make sure you see what you think you saw. Keep an eye out just for … Sir Henry is a movie that you experience as closely, seriously, and often as possible, a work of art that should sink under your skin. Put it in your bones, vitamins and (Captain Beef Heart’s) ) Do that good job Trout mask replica.. I can’t recommend it so much, so I won’t start. ” Next means

“The width of the mark will never be one million miles. Sir Henry Rawlinson End Missing link to Monty Python With nail and meHowever, as the idea of ​​Vivian Stanshall, the pack leader of the Bonzo Dog Doo-Dah band, it has its own sophisticated British stupidity Pantheon location. ” time out

“A moody woodhouse-style British comedy that mixes Monty Python with some narcotics. This unique weirdness revolves around language, wordplay, wisdom, and the colorful use of very British absurdity. It was based on a radio show that unfolded. A chaotic comedy that revolves around many quirky characters doesn’t have many stories to follow. […] Inconsistent, but interesting. ” Global celluloid massacre

Selection dialog:

Sir Henry: “If I had all the money I spent on drinks … I would spend it on drinks.”

Sir Henry: “If it’s worth doing something, it’s worth forcing it on someone else.”

Sir Henry: “Generally speaking, if I eat something, I don’t want to see it again.”

Rev. Srodden: “Your wisdom does not threaten the shrew’s brain for occupation.”

Cast and Character:

Trevor Howard … Sir Henry Rawlinson
Patrick Magee … Pastor Slotden
Denny’s Coffey … Mrs. E.
JG Devlin … Old Scrotom
Harry Fowler … Buller Bullethead
Sheila Reed … Lady Flory Rawlinson
Vivian Stanshall … Hubert Rawlinson / Narrator
Sae Yamamoto Daniel … Candice Rawlinson
Daniel Gerol … Ralph Rawlinson
Ben Aris … Sir Takin of Staines
Liz Smith … Stain’s Lady Filipa
Jeremy Child … Peregrine Maynard
Susan Pollet … Porcelain
Gary Waldhorn … Max
Simon Jones … Joachim
Michael Crane … Humbert Rawlinson
Nicholas McCulldle … Seth One Tooth
Tony Palmer … Rosie One Tooth
Vernon Dursley Bowhei Norwell … Nigel Nice
Talphlin Thomas … Teddy Teddy
Ian McDiarmid … Leg Smeaton
Eiji Kusuhara … Fortininesa
Tony Simpson … old man
Jim Cuomo … Barber
Peter Moss … Barber
Julian Smedley … Barber
Lawrence Durrell … Pub customer (no credit)
Tony Road … Wood Cutter (no credit)

Filming location (August 28, 1979-September 1979):

Knebworth House, Stevenage, Hertfordshire, United Kingdom (also Horror hospital)
Robin Hood & Little John Pub, Rabley Heath, Codicote, Welwyn, Hertfordshire, United Kingdom
Gloucestershire, England

Technical details:

73 minutes

Interesting information:

Neil Innes, a collaborator at Monty Python, said, “The star was alcoholic, the writer was alcoholic, the producer was alcoholic, and the director was alcoholic.”

Vivian Stanshall allegedly wanted Coronation Street actor Bernard Uens (Stan Ogden) to play the role of Sir Henry, but was plagued by producers who needed a star by name. I did.

Vivian Stanshall’s first reaction to Trevor Howard’s cast as Sir Henry was that he was “too high-ranking,” but after filming, Stanshall said that Howard was more than his own characterization. Also acknowledged to be an excellent Lord Henry.

Trevor Howard described the film and his role in it, “Why is he doing the film?” They will say, and the answer is because I want to do it. You may never be offered to do that again. I can’t figure it all at once, so I want to see it many times. It’s wild. “

RAW LINSON END SIRHENRY (1980) Review and overview of the eccentric British comedy

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