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It’s Monday, people. And you know what that means.Well, that means a few things for many, but for our purposes it’s all about Monday night..That is, you have to check out Claire’s commentary..

let’s talk Living!!

For cheap seats

I sighed when the Charlotte Flair x Bianca Belair match was over. You are not here, but believe me, it happened. Do I lie to you?This was awesome Living At 20 Country Miles tonight, it ended with a DQ when the champion, fearing to lose the title, struck the challenger in a chair. I’m sorry, the ending pollutes the match. Just as a bad ending in a story can pollute everything before it. Don’t you believe meMention game of Thrones See what happens to Ceres fans.

The point is that WWE wasted a great match between two of the best wrestlers on their roster. And for what?Charlotte is not yet NS Living A female champion and as of this week she won’t go here either!Bianca, on the other hand, is real Living Competitor player.Now maybe Vince is planning some chicanery in Crown jewels It solves the equation. But to swallow what was already a bitter show in the first place, it puts a sour taste in the mouth.

Before the cheap finish, Bianca x Charlotte continued the story they started talking a few weeks ago before Becky Lynch interfered. They are evenly matched with competitors who are often scouted for each other. They both opposed the signature spot, neither wanted to give up, and sometimes they were mirror images of each other. The best moment in my less humble opinion was that Bianca was rolling far enough to stop Charlotte from doing her double Moonsault press.It was a small touch that talked volume about both women and emphasized that Bianca was not a “pot flash” Wrestler Charlotte nailed her as before Living..

The momentum was a great finish, and then it was ruined. Maybe Something happens in Crown jewels Bianca can get a little revenge. However, I probably won’t discuss the possibilities here. What must we do in front of our face. And now that I’m living and breathing on the internet in Al Gore in 2021, what’s in front of me isn’t meaningless, useless, and satisfying for either person. ..

It’s difficult to even sigh with this.

Can they coexist III

WWE falls into many lazy storytelling metaphors. In fact, it wouldn’t be too bad if they didn’t depend on them so often. And for 3 weeks in a row. For some reason, are you wondering if two men competing for the WWE Championship can co-exist in a tag match with nothing lined up in a few days? It’s just weird, and worse, unnecessary.Quote from GodzillaLet them fight. Instead, they’re fighting the Dirty Dogs … again … for basketball reasons. And that gets worse when NXT is running a much better version of this story.

That said, it was an okay tag match. The Big E received a lot of punishment, and the igniter question about Drew McIntyre had a master plan. Then when Drew Omak took the hot tag and injured Dolph Ziggler and Big Bobby Roode, it didn’t go anywhere. E was temporarily removed from the match, but returned to the game just in time to get the reluctant tag from Drew and put Dawgz to sleep.

They shook hands after the match and shook their jaws back and forth. It’s basically the same as I did for three weeks.

It’s bugged out smack downThe two top stories of (Roman Reigns x Brock Lesnar and Edge x Seth Rollins) run to a level where they can’t be touched.Allow it, there many Of history with all those four men. History that E and Drew do not have. But it’s boring and quirky for WWE to put all this together in one fell swoop.

Outside the curriculum

It was a murder case

I laughed when Bobby Lashley told Goldberg that he had the right to call a police officer and report the threat of Goldberg’s murder. It flies in the face of so much wrestling history, but it’s controversial because Almighty says he doesn’t roll that way anyway.

There is nothing new here. The interview with “No Holds Barred” No hold prohibition.. And at least it was Zeus and the guy pooping on their own. A few weeks ago, the match was more exciting than it is now, as it’s just repeating story beats.

There is no other king in this WWE thing …

The close encounter between Xavier Woods and the Steppe of the Steel Ring seemed legally scary. It was justified to the point where I wondered if they would quit the match. I think it happens when wrestling is really good.

Xavier fought to defeat Ginder Mahal and advanced to the King of the Ring Final with Finvaler. Am I the only one to remember that Mahal is a former WWE champion? The better guy won an okay match this Thursday setting the stage for a very dope encounter.

Speaking of fins …

I can finally get rid of this from my chest: James Dean is cool and John Wayne is tough. The main reason is that it refers to two cultural figures that become less relevant to younger viewers over time. It’s a lazy shorthand instead of character development.

Anyway, Finn and Xavier Woods confronted after the former dealt with mace briefly. Things became patient between two cats who just wanted to be kings. Xavier says Finn remains a prince. “To be precise, the artist formerly known as” was a highly selected line.

Whose house?Our home

The Street Profits on Monday night Living Tag champion. AJ Styles and Omos said, “Not so fast, my buddy.” Not exactly those words, but you understand the point. They are in the next row, clearly seeing profits as an issue. How do you know? During the aforementioned Profits of the Street and RK-Bro match, AJ and Omos beat everyone and pulled the champion apart.

What started as a statement match for profit ends with style and moss being taller, looking smarter than their enemies, and ready to regain what they truly believe to be theirs. I did.

There’s also an interesting angle here, and Riddle doesn’t yet understand that Randy Orton hadn’t planned for last week. Riddle still doesn’t understand the fact that his partner was ready to dry him. If a division occurs in the future, it is a species that grows discordantly.

2 minutes for the queen

2 minutes. The Queen’s Crown Tournament Semifinal between Doudrop and Shayna Baszler lasted two minutes. And I may be generous in giving it that long.

On top of that, the match itself was pretty dough, and Shayna’s finisher looked weak in the process.

NS. Boo.

Doudrop x Zelina Vega fights for the Queen’s Crown. Crown royal.. Is the match over / under 2 minutes or more or less than 2 minutes? It does not include the time it takes to reach the ring.

The theory is 2-0

Austin Theory is now 2-0 against Jeff Hardy. Jeff was able to claim to have been surprised for the first time, but this week there is no such excuse. Even a little, Mr. Hardy. Austin thought he was facing R-Truth, but Truth just pulled the fast one and inserted the charismatic one instead. result? Austin Theory defeated him fairly and honestly in the middle of the ring.

But the strange fanboy selfie of the theory he’s doing is that he’s just Had Cross the line. The theory is, in fact, a habitual line stepper.He took another selfie with Hardy, and Hardy got his own selfie with his revenge and rattling. Living rookie. This is how theory puts a big watt on legends. smack down At the same time letting the crowd celebrate Hardy. all right. It doesn’t do anything to me, but I understand it.

I apologize for your masculinity, Ali

Mustafa Ali probably made a monster with Dr. Frankenstein on board. After Mansoor got the W needed for Cedric Alexander (what’s The Hurt Business for now?) Ali hit the ring in a great suit. Furious that his former partner had previously smiled and laughed, his diatribe barely went before Mansoor left.

Mansoor unleashes, enough and enough to let everyone know that the time has come for change.He promised to annoy Ali Crown jewels With a lot of passion and fire. A cool segment with real character development.

Johnny Zen

Another week, another behind-the-scenes segment with John Morrison drifts while Mizu cuts the floor covering on another network. This time, the Viking Raiders questioned his meditation method. RAID and get paid.

Raw is a trash can this week.This was all about holding a serve Crown jewelsThere are some bright spots that have been extinguished by the sun, which is inadequate complacency with the progress of the tournament.A few weeks ago I wondered how Living Will keep attending the Saudi Arabian show.On this planet and on any of the other 51 Earths in DC, I Go to home show For their big event, this will not be inspiring.

The premiere of the season can’t come here right away.

Grade: D-

That’s my grade and I’m sticking to it. Your turn.

– WWE Sports

Raw Summary and Reaction (October 18, 2021): No, this is not the case Raw Summary and Reaction (October 18, 2021): No, this is not the case

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