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RAY MASSEY: CupraFormentor is a mean and moody machine

RAY MASSEY: A cross between a sports car and an SUV, the Cupra Formentor is a mean and moody machine.

The name Formentor is reminiscent of the demonic vision of a sneaky and moody machine. It sounds like a dementor spirit like Wraith chasing Harry Potter.

And the new sporty Cupra Formentor Crossover, called the “Coupe SUV,” certainly has a dark, menacing and gloomy look. This is the first model developed exclusively under the stand-alone Cupra brand, the performance division of SEAT owned by the Volkswagen Group.

Launched in the UK this month, I’ve been driving the devilishly intense top of the four-wheel drive Formentor VZ2 range. The first model to the showroom.

Dismal: The Cupra Formentor is a cross between a sports car and an SUV.

Its 2-liter TSI turbocharged petrol engine is linked to a 7-speed automatic gearbox, developing a vibrant 310hp.

Think of it as a cross between a sports car (which has a sports car chassis) and a family SUV. It takes only 4.9 seconds from rest to 62 mph and is legally limited to 155 up to speed. mph. CO2 emissions are 193 g / km. And the consumption is up to 33.2mpg.

There are five driving modes, normal mode and comfort mode, but in sports you can increase energy and volume, and in the hardcore “cupra” mode, the speaker is blown off to enhance the response and enhance the engine note. speaker. “Cupra” is associated with many of the copper, badge signature colors, and trims.

The car I drove on 19-inch wheels in Midnight Black cost £ 40,385, and only £ 555 metallic paint was added to the extensive assortment of packages.

With six trim levels and five engine variations, the range starts at £ 27,395 (or £ 299 per month under a PCP contract) for an 18-wheeled 18-wheel powered 1.5-liter 150hp petrol engine.

There is a more environmentally friendly 1.4 liter plug-in hybrid variant with an electricity-only range of 31 miles at either 204 hp or 245 hp for delivery next month in the spring.

As for the name, it’s not as demonic as it sounds. It comes from the wild rocky cape of Mallorca, where many went on vacation. Remember them.

With Lamborghini hints in the design mix, it’s perfect for Darth Vader and Batman’s off-duty detours.

Does it fit in my garage?

on Sale: now

Model driven type: VZ2 310PS 4Drive DSG

Price when driving: £ 40,385

Price range: £ 27,395

style: Sporty “crossover” SUV

length: 4,450mm

Width with mirror: 1,839mm

height: 1,511mm

Wheelbase: 2,680

weight: 1,644kg

engine: 2.0TSi petrol

Infection; Infection: 7-speed DSG automatic

Power: 310 horsepower

0-62mpg: 4.9 seconds

maximum speed: 155mph

Fuel economy: 31.4 to 33.2mpg

CO2: 193g / km

Fuel tank: 55 liters

Trunk space: 420 liters

It arrives in some real Spanish sizzling showrooms.

The button on the right side of the steering wheel starts the engine and the button on the left side scrolls through the five modes of operation.

Individual mode allows you to customize the settings.

The cupra for mentor features a snug, intimate cockpit with support bucket seats.

A unique cupra badge, similar to the superhero logo, decorates the grille and steering wheel and is projected onto the floor as the light of a puddle upon entry into the vehicle.

Thanks to its dark and stylish interior, it’s a fascinating drive with a 12-inch touch screen and wraparound ambient LED lighting that runs the full width of the dashboard and both front doors.

And here is the twist. The light also flashes yellow as a warning when the blind spot detector and the “existing assist” feature detect an impending danger.

With the many electronic help of the four-wheel drive system, you can set foot stably and reliably in speed and tight corners.

But if you want more sportiness, press the “Sports” button to loosen the electronic stability control and maximize driver control and vehicle responsiveness.

Top “meal meal” ideas by electric car company POLESTAR

“Meals on Wheels”: Polestar has shipped a cardboard box for the recipient to fill out.

The idea of ​​a top “meal on wheel” by Volvo’s independent brother brand, the electric car company Polestar.

In Manchester, Covid wasted the planned opening of a “space.” A place where you can easily see your electric car before you buy it online.

Unexpectedly, the recipient sent back hundreds of cardboard boxes to put some treats in addition to spare non-perishable cans and dried foods to make sure they had the hashtag #NoWasteofSpace. ..

Polestar sends it all to Fairshare Greater Manchester, backed by soccer player and activist Marcus Rashford, to match it with the same amount of food and help families hit by a coronavirus pandemic. I will.

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RAY MASSEY: CupraFormentor is a mean and moody machine RAY MASSEY: CupraFormentor is a mean and moody machine

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