Razer Huntsman Elite Gaming Keyboards Are Up to 23% Cheaper

Optical switches that use a beam of light to register key presses rather than physical contact are quickly becoming the go-to tool for the best gaming keyboards. It’s fast-moving and long-lived, making it the perfect key for playing fast-paced, competitive titles such as Rainbow Six Siege.

Razer’s Optical Huntsman Elite now has great discounts and is perfect if your current gaming keyboard no longer cuts it. Amazon US offers a 20% ($ 40) discount on linear switch models, with a $ 159.99 discount compared to the list price of $ 199.99. At Amazon UK, the clickswitch model has been reduced by 23% (£ 45.99) and the price has been reduced from £ 199.99 to £ 154.99.

Of course, because it’s a Razer product, it has colorful RGB lighting that syncs with the company’s best mousepads and best gaming mice. Not only under the keys, but also around the edges of the padded wrist rests.

This full-sized model has its own media control keys that you can easily find during gameplay without having to mess with the Fn keys like a small keyboard.

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