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Razer runs software on the Cortex instant gaming tournament platform

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Razer Is starting Cortex Instant Game Tournaments To allow players to compete with each other in casual games.

Razer has built a brand for gamers by creating cool hardware, but the latest move is to bring it into software. It provides a platform for players to play in tournaments on Android devices. Later it will debut on PC.

Instant Games is a hyper-casual game by partner Goama and includes the game Sneki Snek Adventure, created by Goama based on the Razer mascot. Hyper-casual fares that can be played in less than a minute are rare for hardcore Razer gamer brands. But the company believes its customers like all kinds of games, Razer’s senior director of software, Quien Quach, said in an interview with GamesBeat. After all, gamers can spend a lot of time on the go with their mobile phones and enjoy mobile games there. These single-player games are also competitive, with players earning prizes by being at the top of the leaderboard. This is a very Razer-like kind of competition.

“Razor fans are hardcore gamers,” Quach said. “But gamers really believe that different screens play differently. So you might be a really hardcore gamer on a console or PC, and you’re waiting in line somewhere and easy somewhere. You just want to take on the challenge, and you do it on your phone. With Razer Cortex Instant Games, there’s an interesting crossroads between casual and hardcore gamers. Hyper-casual games cross all these demographics. It really feels like it’s something to do. It’s easy to pick up, so anyone can understand it. And for hardcore gamers, it’s about competition. It’s about seeing where you are on the leaderboard. “


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New uses for Razer Silver

Above: Sneki Snek currently has its own game.

Image credit: Razer

Razer instant games can be played directly from the Razer Cortex app on Android, so players don’t need to make any additional downloads.Each tournament held offers a gradual level Razer silver prize. Redeem for a variety of Razer hardware, accessories and digital perks.

Razer Silver is a cryptocurrency that is part of the rewards program. Players can win it in the game and redeem it for prizes. However, other than exchanging prizes, the Razer Silver has no monetary value. Razer Gold is a cryptocurrency that players can buy for real money and use to buy games and Razer Silver.

Released at the same time as the Cortex Instant Games Tournaments, Razer is launching the first ever Sneki Snek game featuring Razer’s environmentally friendly mascot. Sneki Snek Adventure is playable today and will host a charity tournament exclusively at Razer Cortex.


Razer Kaira Pro headset.

Above: Razer Kaira Pro headset.

Image credit: Razer

Razer Cortex may be familiar to you as it has been around for some time as the company’s game launcher software. Optimize your system for the game, such as turning on the “silent” control while playing the game. Razer expanded from PC to mobile a few years ago.

Razer Silver game rewards, on the other hand, are very popular. The most popular feature is “Pay to Play”, which has a list of games where you can earn Razer Silver after playing for 3 minutes. In 2020, Razer will distribute over 120 million Razer Silver, which is expected to grow by more than 400% this year. Earlier this year, it hatched a tournament plan.

“There is a great deal of interest, especially in Southeast Asia and South Asia,” says Quach. “We decided to take it a little further and provide more ways for people to really get involved. For us, this is a way to make the Razer ecosystem more sticky. As interest in silver grows, we want to offer a new way to earn loyalty points for silver. “

That’s why Razer has a tournament platform stacked on top of Cortex (this time starting with mobile). We hope this will add new engagement and gamed incentives to our players. It has added a free hyper-casual game to the tournament. Razer has no plans to create its own games with in-house game developers, Quach said.

How to use

Razer Kraken Kitty BT Headphones

Above: Razer Kraken Kitty BT headphones

Image credit: Razer

You must participate in the tournament to win the prize. If you pay the tournament entry fee, you can play as much as you like in that particular tournament.

At launch, Cortex Instant Games will host 4-6 simultaneous tournaments at any time, with over 100 free games in a variety of genres. The tournament runs from 1 to 6 days and the Razer Silver will be awarded as a prize. Additional games and tournaments are constantly being added and rotated to the platform to spur a consistent and diverse competition for all players.

You can earn silver by entering the top 50 players on the leaderboard. The reward will be 10,000 to 60,000 Razer Silver.

Instant games require users to keep Sneki Snek away from poisonous obstacles, grab seeds and plant trees to earn bonuses. The tournament leaderboard is updated in real time so players can see the ranking of their chances of winning Razer Silver prizes.All revenue generated from Sneki Snek Adventure will be donated directly to Conservation International As part of Razer’s ongoing commitment to more sustainable business practices and their reduction in global carbon dioxide emissions.

“All proceeds from charity tournaments with Sneki Snek will be donated to save the trees,” Quach said. “We plan to do growth hacks to find the best time for the tournament.”

Goama CEO Taro Aratani said in a statement that Razer is helping players improve their gaming skills and create more ways to be rewarded for their performance.

“The session can last for a few seconds or 30 minutes, depending on how good you are,” Quach said. “Most game session times are pretty short, but we’ve found that about 20% of users have 15 to 30 minutes of game sessions, so they’ve played it many times and leaderboards. I want to move up. “

According to Quach, Razer has seen many people who are new to Razer come through this system. It ultimately sticks to Razer products and extends the goal-achieving process for players who may spend more money.

“This is an introduction to Razer,” she said. “The Razer ecosystem means cool gear for everyone, from pink headsets to Star Wars mice and keyboards. The demographics of the game are changing right in front of us.”


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Razer runs software on the Cortex instant gaming tournament platform Razer runs software on the Cortex instant gaming tournament platform

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