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Santa Clara, CA- San Francisco 49ers There is no clear prospect of who will be running back on Sunday night, but the work began to gather on Friday.

After losing a running back Elijah Mitchell (Right shoulder), JaMycal Hasty (Left ankle) Tray salmon (Concussion) Win the second week Philadelphia EaglesTo be precise, it was fair to wonder who would run back Green Bay Packers..

Kyle Shanahan quickly excluded Hasty, who is expected to be on the disabled list, but left the door open for Mitchell and preaching.

After Shanahan says he practiced a good week, the sermon looks like the best way to get started against Green Bay. The sermon cleared the concussion protocol on Friday morning and participated in all three exercises of the week. He wore a blue non-contact jersey on Wednesday and Thursday, but was able to take it off for training on Friday.

“The rules of the protocol can’t do everything, but he was great all week,” Shanahan said. “Only what he can do personally [drills] And you will do everything today, but you will never be completely convinced of it until they clear [protocol].. “

Mitchell’s situation is more sparse as it is described as suspicious to play. He was found doing some work in the sidefield on Thursday, but didn’t practice on Wednesday and Thursday. On Friday, Mitchell participated in a limited way, which is the lightest practice of the week.

Mitchell intervened as a starter against the Eagles using Hasty as a backup. The sermon was a healthy wound in the first week, and suffered a concussion in his first NFL carry after Mitchell and Hasty departed for their injuries in Philadelphia.

However, the 49ers who lost after starting the running back Raheem Mostert Shanahan hopes that Mitchell will have some ability to use for knee injuries at the end of the first week of the season, as there are very few proven options in that position.

“In this situation where you have lost a lot of people and others are brand new, I think that’s why it comes to the network. That’s what it is,” Shanahan said. “If Raheem was still here and apparently Hasty was still there, I would definitely wait a week, but it would be a little more patient when deciding who would catch up and learn this week.”

“So if he feels he can go and the doctor says he can’t hurt himself anymore, that’s why we do it.”

Trenton CannonPerson who was waived from Baltimore Ravens Last week, and Jack Patrick, Signed a contract with the team Cincinnati BengalsTuesday’s practice team is another back on the active roster.

There are also veterans in San Francisco Chris Thompson When Kerion Johnson With a practice team as a potential option if Mitchell can’t play.

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RB Trey Sermon most likely to return to the San Francisco 49ers’ depleted backfield RB Trey Sermon most likely to return to the San Francisco 49ers’ depleted backfield

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