Re: Legend cultivates and raises monsters. PS4 spring 2021 coming

Re: Legend has an attractive elevator pitch. What if you combine Pokemon and Stardew Valley? If done correctly, you have interesting games in your hands, and those hands may be covered with gamer’s money. Understand if it checks your box.

Re: Legend starts with a familiar premise. You are a great hero of amnesia. You need to complete tasks such as crafting, farming, fishing and magnus breeding to wash off and regain your memories on Vokka Island. Magnus is a creature that can be tamed, evolved, and become more powerful. Along with crafted weapons, it will help you fight and explore the world of Esia.

Customizable characters allow you to interact with other villagers, celebrate festivals and intertwined romantically. Your brave and forgetful adventurer can grow by unlocking new skills and finding more powerful Magnus to train. All this can be done alone or with up to 4 players in multiplayer.

We don’t have a PlayStation gameplay video yet, but we’ll put a trailer at the top to show the gameplay. It’s currently on Steam Early Access, so if you don’t want to wait for the full release of PlayStation 4 in the spring of 2021, you can get it there.

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Farm and Raise Monsters in Re:Legend; Coming to the PS4 Spring 2021

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