Reacher Alan Ritchson reveals which book of Season 2 will be the base

Star Reacher, Lee Child’s Jack Reacher Novel, Alan Richson’s Prime Video Hit Adaptation gave fans of the show an early Wednesday Christmas gift-following Season 2 of the book.Richson’s Plump depiction Minimal conversationist Jack Reacher, who doesn’t take prisoners, not only lit up the reputation of the streaming platform, but also because of the show’s popularity, Richson was rewarded. Trading 3 movies At Amazon Studios.It was also announced that actress Maria Sten will be back for further action in Season 2. Reacher As Francis Nagley.

According to Ritchson, the next season will not follow children’s books in chronological order.Actors to share with wrap He has a list of books he wants to make and one of his favorites is die.. But the second book in Jack Reacher’s collection of books doesn’t adapt to the next, so he has to wait.

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Book number 11 will be the storyline of Reacher Season 2

Ritchson went to Twitter with a photo of a ceramic brass knuckle and a blade. Readers of the novel may recognize that they belong to David O’Donnell, a member of Reacher’s old 110th MP unit. 11th book in the series, Bad luck and trouble..

And if it wasn’t clear enough, Richson posted another snapshot of himself holding the book.

Released in 2009, according to the Amazon book overview Bad luck and trouble Read as follows:

Due to bad luck and trouble, Reacher escaped from wandering and plunged into the center of a plot killing old friends and those he once trusted in his life. The story begins with Neagley contacting Reacher using a signal known only to the eight members of the elite team. She then tells him a horrifying story about the brutal death of the man they served with. Soon Reacher reunites with the survivors of his team and scrambles to unravel the sudden disappearance of two other companions.

Log line Reacher Season 2:

“When a member of Reacher’s old army begins to die, Reacher has only one thing in his heart-revenge.”

Reacher Due to the large number of viewers, it was updated immediately after its premiere. Watching 1.6 billion minutes in just eight episodes, the film was the first Prime Video series to top the Nielsen weekly Top 10 charts. Season 2 Reacher Shooting is scheduled to start in the fall.

Amazon's Jack Reacher TV show adapts one book each season

Amazon’s Jack Reacher TV show adapts one book each season

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Reacher Alan Ritchson reveals which book of Season 2 will be the base

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